Fake Climate Change Laws That Closed Coal Power Plants Causes NSW (Sydney Australia) Power so Erratically Expensive an Aluminium Smelter Powered Down This Week to Avoid Power Costs 350 Times Normal

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"The Tomago smelter uses more than 10% of the entire New South Wales electricity grid supply. But the price spikes in electricity are so crippling the industrial giant could not afford to keep running on three occasions in the last week. Welcome to Venezaustralia.

Tomago Smelter

And it’s not even winter yet:
Prices peak. Wholesale electricity prices. Australia, NSW.
Prices were spiking in four states on May 17th.. Thanks to WattClarity.

Tomago aluminium smelter powers down three times in a week due to electricity shortages
A massive 35,000 per cent spike in wholesale power prices due to supply shortages has forced a NSW aluminium smelter to shut down three times in the past week to keep the lights on in Sydney.

The Tomago smelter, which supports more than 1800 local jobs, has had to power down multiple times since May 12 to ensure households across the state have enough power for heating as winter sets in.

Tomago chief executive Matt Howell said the sudden power price hike to $14,500 a megawatt hour was the equivalent of ­petrol prices going up to $400 a litre."
SOURCE URL: https://joannenova.com.au/2021/05/nsw-power-so-erratically-expensive-an-aluminium-smelter-powered-down-three-times-in-a-week/#more-77712

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  • Posted by Lucky 3 weeks, 6 days ago
    If power to a smelter is cut for too long (about 12 hours?) it will cause severe damage.

    The state of NSW in Australia is coal rich, plenty of it, high grade, close to the surface so cheap to mine.

    A quick opinion- that smelter could be big enough to have its own coal power station. Smelters are an ideal application for base load power -exactly the opposite of what the un-reliables give. Smelters need constant power, 24/7/365, only closing for a month of maintenance every few years.

    Concepts easy to grasp for engineers, in fact for anyone except economists with their pricing, market signalling, buying and selling by the minute to follow erratic wind power spurts.

    Here is a suggestion for the regulators-
    - (No, not that suggestion, thanks Dr Jill)
    - Give priority to the smelter, cut power to residences when there is a shortage, no heating and no hot dinner at home but you can save thousand of jobs.
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    • Posted by $ allosaur 3 weeks, 6 days ago
      After me dino retired as a corrections officer May of 2003, I worked off and on as a semi-retired security guard for three different contract security companies that included Wackenhut in between those three,
      There very last day I worked for anyone was all by my lonesome during a 12-hour shift on a rainy Saturday in 2013 at the Bethea Power Plant in Pelham, Alabama, an hour's drive from where I lived. Their product was assorted stuff made out of molten aluminum in molds.
      Not a bad job save for long weekend hours. I'd sit in a guard shack listening to classic rock on a radio that came with the post while watching traffic go by at a gate. Even brought a paperback novel to read.
      But every hour on the hour I had to do a walking security check of the entire plant that took about 15 minutes. MOST IMPORTANT was taking the temperature of a furnace that made me think of hell due to the super hot molten aluminum it contained. If the temperature went above or below two specific settings, I was to call a certain phone number immediately. Me dino was NOT about to be re$pon$ible for anything going wrong with that furnace.
      Had no problems. Went home happy.
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    • Posted by 3 weeks, 6 days ago
      Exactly right. The smelter and other high use businesses should have the freedom to have their own power plant using the coal available. Coal power is so clean now that each city could have them, and it would be even cleaner if the newest products were available without government meddling and moronic company management. Australia, Germany, USA, and Poland have coal to last hundreds of years.
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  • Posted by $ BobCat 3 weeks, 6 days ago
    Wow, what a way to have to run an energy dependent business. They can only tolerate these fluctuating prices because of their unique position of being able to shut down their production on a moments notice. The USA doesn’t have to worry about that because we produce very little (sarc on).
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