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  • Posted by $ Commander 2 years, 7 months ago
    Interesting timing on your post.
    My father and his three brothers "served". I am the only one since. My relatives look upon me perplexed when I speak of Liberty and the vigilance it requires. I, and my forebearers took The Oath. My relatives exist, ignorantly, blissfully in the state of freedom for which a few understand comprehensively.

    Tomorrow marks the 17th anniversary of a gut-punch of awareness on my part. I was in Battery Park. On the southeastern obelisk, north side, center column, second name down, is inscribed one of my father's brothers. He did not sacrifice his life. He made a value based choice to serve freedom and liberty on behalf of a nation he loved.

    This was just a family story until that moment. Quite an educational moment.

    On the same day; interesting how 2004 and 2021 have the same day/date correlation, my best friend and business partner died quite unexpectedly.

    Thanks for the prompt. I think this weekend shall be spent in reflection of vigilance, freedom, liberty, friendships and values.
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