"Stimulus" Checks Support Foreign Manufacturing Economies, Not the US Economy.

Posted by freedomforall 4 weeks ago to Government
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"What we’re seeing is entirely predictable. When you had a bunch of people who aren’t producing anything big fat checks, they’re going to spend the money on goods that come from places where people are working. In effect, the US government is supporting the manufacturing economies of China and other countries. As Peter put it, China gives the US valuable consumer goods that our economy lacks the capacity to produce. All the Chinese get in exchange for their efforts and resources are dollars, which the US creates for free.

This is clearly not sustainable. What happens when the Chinese decide they have enough dollars? And that day may not be far down the road."
SOURCE URL: https://schiffgold.com/key-gold-news/us-stimmy-checks-support-foreign-manufacturing-economies/

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  • Posted by $ Commander 4 weeks ago
    I've been watching this closely, ever since the Billy/Monica "incident" was a distraction from the 93 and 94 banking acts.
    I've shifted my resources to growing food and moving heavily into repairing things industrial and commercial.
    Any "stimulus" that comes my way goes into seed and raw material......maybe a little ammo...
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  • Posted by 25n56il4 3 weeks, 6 days ago
    Speaking of manufacturing, yesterday at the Ford dealership I saw a Ford F150 truck for only $75K. Oh, it had 'Power Boost'. Whatever that is. And it was both electric and fuel. No one will tell me if you can drive an electric car through our floods on the Gulf Coast of Texas.
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