Pete Buttigieg fakes riding a bike to work. (Buy-dem's fake transportation secretary proves again, he is a lying scumbag.)

Posted by freedomforall 2 weeks, 1 day ago to Politics
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"The president selected’s new Secretary of Transportation – who is leading the push to make transportation more expensive for everyone except himself – was caught staging a faux green photo op.

Pete wants the rubes to believe he doesn’t ride in a 9 MPG V8-powered SUV of the type he is going to do all he can to prevent us from driving, by making them so expensive to drive that most of us cannot afford to.

And by making them so costly to manufacture – as by “gas guzzler” and “carbon” taxes – that only a few will be manufactured.

So he had them drop him off just shy of his office and ride his bicycle (double-diapered) the remaining distance. But the panopticon works both ways and sometimes in our favor. Diapered Pete was caught on video performing his bait and switch.

Will it matter to the Left? Probably not, as the Left’s standard is always a double standard – one for them and a different one for anyone who disagrees with them.

But it ought to matter to the rest of us."

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