Biden's Key To Keeping Calm In A Crisis The Isn't One Is Senility

Posted by $ allosaur 1 month ago to Humor
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Approached by Babylon Bee reporters today bristling with questions about the border crises that isn't one, Obiden managed to ask the first question which was "Are you the guys who are supposed to get my pills? Where are my pills?"
The interview could only slog its way uphill to lala land after that. Hey, why complain? The old senile guy needed his pills. I mean, where the hell are his handlers with his pills?
In a so-called Related Article, a stopped clock is now named CNN's most accurate reporter for always being right twice a day.
In Must Read (which you must read as mandated by Superior Authority) is the account of a World War Two vet. While storming Omaha Beach while those fast-shooting German machine guns were ripping his buddies to pieces, that vet realized to his horror that the United State Armed Forces were not at all represented by any transsexual people. (The story doesn't mention the soldiers were all white save for officer orderlies, truck drivers and cooks).
What a disgrace we were back then. The Greatest Generation? Bah! Humbug! Not a single one of these jitterbugging jackasses was remotely woke.

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