A trans Republican candidate - What will Hollywood and the media do?

Posted by $ rainman0720 2 years, 1 month ago to Politics
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My, oh my. The left just got foisted into the horns of a real dilemma: Caitlyn Jenner just announced she's going to run for Governor of California--as a Republican.

So what does the left do?

If they push her hard because she's trans, they'd be pushing hard to get a Republican elected. I'll hit the lottery multiple times and get struck by lightening on a bright sunny day before that happens.

If they don't push her and stay neutral because she's running as a Republican, they will have to abandon at least one of their attempts to shove the idea of Trans as normal down our figurative throats.

And if they politically assassinate her because she's running as a Republican, they will be accused of all kinds of "trans rights" violations.

(No apologies are offered if my opinion that the idea that trans isn't normal offends anyone. A male wanting to have all the surgeries and hormone treatments required to live as a female is not normal, at least not as I define normal. I can't and won't say it's wrong; that's a decision I have no moral authority to make for anyone other than for myself. It was right for him to become a her, so it was the right decision. But normal? Not to me.)

Anyway, this could be a "pull up the lawn chair, grab a beer and some nachos because it could be quite a show" moment. (Oh wait...if I grab nachos instead of popcorn, could I be accused of cultural appropriation?)
SOURCE URL: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/caitlyn-jenner-announces-run-for-governor-of-california

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