Back To To The Future Messge Intercept Reveals Dr. Fauci's Living Head In Jar

Posted by $ allosaur 4 weeks, 1 day ago to Humor
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And by Year 2739 comes Dr. Fauci proclaims unto us the little people that "Even now where I be it's not safe to go outside."
Yes, obedient sheeple, aren't you glad Dr. Fauci doesn't have just another dead head like yours?
Know that me dino, upon seeing Fauci's head in a jar, thought of the Travis character in my second-favorite comic strip, "Scary Gary."
It now occurs to me someone may ask for me dino's first favorite. Take a look~~
In "Related Articles" of The Babylon Bee, me dino found just 1 out of 6 articles that freakin' relates. It has Dr. Fauci advising, :We will only have to wear face masks until humans evolve organic face coverings at birth."
Well, in "Related Articles is one that's kinda related for government intrusion is "Government Announces Lockdown Of All Fast-Food Restaurant To Prevent Heart Disease."
Well, why not? AOC sez we'll all die from cow farts if we don't get rid of those critters. Inhaling cow farts must be how my allosaurus species died out millions of years before that asteroid ended the dinosaur age.
In "Must Read," you must read about Facebook apologizing for giving away 533 million user's personal data for free. Yes, for free. Do you believe that? If, you do not, don't you dare dispute that if you want to stay on Facebook. Be content with the Facebook apology that comes with this beautiful video~~
Please, don't miss the "Don't Miss" section, though me dino found all of its articles to be "yawn" only just do-so.


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