Good grief, full circle now....

Posted by $ nickursis 1 week ago to Government
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First passenger cruise post apocalypse, and they were all vacinnated, and yet they manage to find 2 "positive" cases, and YES they are asymptomatic. Can you say "circle back"? Full circle? Round 2 of? If you are vaccinatted and you get on a frigging boat, that is supposedly disinfected, then how did you get it? Why get the vaccine? Did they go back to the 40 cycle testing that detected dead rinovirus DNA and claimed "covid positive"? Fool me once...

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  • Posted by 25n56il4 1 week ago
    Hang in there Nick, an investigation has proven if you've had the virus, a vaccine is of not needed. Isn't that a brilliant idea? We are getting there, slowly. N
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    • Posted by $ 1 week ago
      Yep, but this is 2 people supposedly "vaccinated" who then are positive, yet they are "asymptomatic". That was exactly where we were in Feb-Mar last year, when their testing machines were so cycled up that paw paws were positive. Pure propaganda here, looking for a home......
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      • Posted by 25n56il4 1 week ago
        This is why my PCP discouraged me from getting tested. He said the tests weren't any good. I had a visit to the hospital in May. They tested me twice? Why wasn't once enough? Both times the results were 'Negative'. I had COVID 19 in January. The virus or whatever it was.
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        • Posted by $ 6 days, 20 hours ago
          You probably had the flu, like 95% of everyone else (or 100%).Just like MERS, SARS etc, allw ere of he same family, all started in China. It only effected the older, compromised individuals. If you are older, flu can kill you, when it would only make younger people fell yucky. Thats why we need to keep digging around and find the best defences we can.
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          • Posted by TheRealBill 2 days, 18 hours ago
            While I've suspect that most of the cases were an influenza being mistaken since 2019, there are some indications that if it were an influenza it does behave differently. Primary among them is that the flu primarily hits the very young and the very old; in this case the very young were/are highly resistant - they don't really get it (0.04% of cases are ages <18, for example) and they don't really spread it.

            Another is that much of the early deaths in China and elsewhere were due to the treatment. With pneumonia and common flu the breathing problem is an obstruction of the oxygen/blood barrier - crud in your lungs and/or swollen tissues. For that we use an "invasive ventilator." That may sound familiar as I've talked about it over this past year.

            It works by creating a high positive pressure to force oxygen past the blockages so the blood can take it in. It is dangerous because it can, and usually will, cause damage by way of scarring. So this technique was used because it looked that way.

            What we later (later being within a few months) found is that it wasn't ap physical blockage in the lungs, and this treatment was the wrong route to go. There was much hypothesizing around it being a crossover from blunts to blood and that the problem of low blood oxygen wasn't a physical barrier but the virus taking up the sports where your red blood cells attach the oxygen to. The truck was full, as it were.

            In that scenario, you want a different type of ventilator - a kinder gentler one that sends in medicine (possibly) but also a higher percentage of oxygen - often referred to as a nebulizer or "non-invasive/passive ventilator."

            Knowing when to use either is critical because if you get it wrong you can kill some one. Once we stopped using the forced route the death rate came down significantly.

            The reason I went into that is this: flu and flu-induced pneumonia don't act like that. That tells me that either it would be a new strain of influenza or something else. In either case not a standard flu strain.

            I'm not a formal respiratory tech or doctor. Just someone who was born with Coccidioidomycosis, grew up with that and hay fever, and almost died quietly and alone in my garage on Easter of 2012 due to this type of stuff (different story ;) ) - and had a daughter with conditional asthmatic episodes. I've become somewhat knowledgable about breathing out of a desire to keep living and to ensure my youngest does. It is why I was learning of the situation in China in November of 2019 as well.
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            • Posted by $ 2 days, 18 hours ago
              Not arguing the point, because you are very well informed. I would say the majority of cases were flu, and misdiagnosed because the tests were rigged at 40 cycles so that dead RNA from your body caused false positives. This correlates to the change in February of this year to 20 cycles, and the consequent reduction in positives. Look at the number of SARS and MERS cases and they were very small, and, if engineered, were failures to propagate, or were field tests to gather data on contagion. If you wanted to stage a set up, you have a virus, which even if not very contagious, is identifiable with specific symptoms, then you spread it enough and have the media ready with turbocharged fear porn. Once it ramps, it becomes indistinguishable from the flu, because you have the tests rigged. Now you can do anything you want in the name of "public safety", and with a corrupt judiciary, you have no one to stop your power grab. Now you enact all kinds of changes for elections "for public safety" and you can steal an election with hardcopy ballots loaded in by the truckload, and digital manipulation, counting on your rigged judiciary to certify and deflect all lawsuits. That pretty much sums up what happened in my pea brain.
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              • Posted by TheRealBill 2 days, 17 hours ago
                "I would say the majority of cases were flu, and misdiagnosed because the tests were rigged at 40 cycles"

                Oh you'll get zero argument from me on that one! That along with the changes in classification criteria boiled my blood.

                The single most important thing in any pandemic or even "mere outbreak" is quality data, and those steps made our data worse than nothing.

                I actually expected the change from 40 cycles to happened a little earlier than it did.

                Ultimately, regardless of the origin/existence of a novel virus, the fact is we threw pretty much all of our pandemic planning and hard-won response knowledge built up over decades out of the damned window for this one. ALL OF IT.

                We've known for decades lockdowns are useless. We've know for decades that you can't "flatten the curve" you can only prolong it or wait it out. We've known for decades that you absolutely DO NOT deploy any vaccines during the pandemic (You want resistant mutant strains? Because that is how you get resistant mutant strains).

                We've known for at least a decade that not even surgical masks actually stop the spread of viruses - not even in an operating room. We've known for decades that the best thing to do is to circle the wagons around the most vulnerable and let everyone else move around normally.

                We've known for decades that restaurants are not primarily or "super" spreaders of this type of virus. We've known for decades that you don't just change criteria part of the way through because your data becomes worth less than shit. Even less than bat shit. ;)

                We've known for decades that herd immunity is a natural thing that happens even absent vaccines (the very term comes from how we observed this even! the stupidity in that one is just absurd).

                We've had a pretty good idea for a coupe of decades that the percentages for functional herd immunity are likely overblown and too high. We've known for that same period that our models on spread that inform herd immunity are based on assumptions that don't represent reality. Consider this: even today they will still accept that the 1918 pandemic's strain was more contagious, and we had no vaccine at all for it. And it was far more deadly that time.

                Yet it only infected around 20% of the population before it died out. If you apply nearly all of the current accepted contagion models for herd immunity, they all predict far, far higher than 20% for it.

                Let that sink in. The 1918 spanish flu died out at 20% infection of the world. With no vaccines.

                This utter and abject dismissal of decades of known science and methods that are battle-tested is unacceptably egregious. I haven't seen it happen this large since the era of the Weimar Republic, both in Germany and Europe as a whole, and the early Nazi regime.
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                • Posted by $ 2 days, 17 hours ago
                  Excellent points, and that brings up the question: WHY? If Spanish Flu died out at 20% and Covid did, doesn't that ring a bell? Did the "vaccine" stop it's spread, or is that all wall paper for people to get the shot?
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                  • Posted by $ 2 days, 14 hours ago
                    Iteresting story: "Those affected were all ages, including children. Their most common new health problems were pain, including in nerves and muscles; breathing difficulties; high cholesterol; malaise and fatigue; and high blood pressure. Other issues included intestinal symptoms; migraines; skin problems; heart abnormalities; sleep disorders; and mental health conditions like anxiety and depression."

                    Now, if engineered in China, then is this the biggest lawsuit in history? Also, how does a virus associated with the breathing system cause such other side effects, unless engineered in, there was talk of HIV virus sections being found spliced in. Biowarfare/Biological weapon attack would seem to describe it.

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          • Posted by 25n56il4 2 days, 22 hours ago
            Well darlin' most people don't get older than me. I'm 84. This COVID is a puny virus or what the 'H' ever you call it. Now, I haven't had the flu of any kind since 1983! Why this year?
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            • Posted by $ 2 days, 20 hours ago
              Well, dear, that was based on the fact there were only 1800 reported cases of flu and 30 some million of covid, yet in any other year, there are 30 some million cases of flu. So, are you the lucky winner, or did you have the flu called "covid"? That was my point, remember every other "outbreak", SARS MERS, and whatever else always was an initial outbreak and they occured here, usually traced back to China people. They fizzeled. What if this was "rinse and repeat" and it fizzeled, yet the pure propaganda hype allowed it to made into the great pandemic. No more people died of covid, than do the flu, and in the same general layout as well. I fact, lots of talk the hospitals killed many by intubating them. Since we know 2 bullets do not equal death by covid (except this year) and hitting a brick wall at 90 mph does not (except this year), why wouldn't paying hspitals 40 for every covid death mean if you died at all, it was covid?
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