New White House Cat To Be Named "Chairman Meow."

Posted by $ allosaur 1 week, 1 day ago to Humor
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Yes, as you undoubtedly go figured, the presidential feline is named after Chairman Mao, whose image, you may recall, was spotted on a Christmas tree during the Anointed O's 8-year-too-long reign of error.
:We are so excited to welcome Chairman Meow," said a beaming Beijing Joe. "He already thinks he's in charge of the place. Ha! Come here and let me sniff you, you little devil!"
yelled Obiden as he chased after the new pet.
No, Joe! Don't chase Chairman Meow up that long flight of stairs! Stop, Joe! Stop!
There lies Joe floundering across and about upon so many steps. There sits Chairman Meow atop the stairs, passively watching Joe's floundering as he licks a front paw.
Is there some kinda symbolism taking place?
In "Related Articles" only 2 of 6 relates to Obiden and the one that includes Justice Kavanaugh in the title lacks the article's article for some silly reason.
The other is about Obiden being supportive of an 8-year-old sticking a fork into an electric outlet if that's what the kid wants to do.
Me dino supposes that must relate to any little kid wanting a gender change operation. Guess that's better than wanting to go play in the traffic.
In "Must Read" you must read 4 articles you may have read before because me dino certainly has.
In "Don't Miss," don't miss the "Nation Sits In Stunned Silence Watching Impeachment Trial" because it ALSO lacks an article.
That's something you don't see every day. Someone needs to fire the managing editor.

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  • Posted by term2 1 week ago
    I turn off all biden videos and stop watching any pictures of him. He will be gone soon anyway, replaced by Kamala
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    • Posted by $ 1 week ago
      Heck, I'll be watching, say, Hannity. He'll say something about Obiden and as fast he says "Take a look," me dino will be reaching for my remote.
      As fast as I see Beijing Joe's stupid face, I'll start channel surfing around. It depends on my mood if I wait just long enough for Obiden to disappear and come back, do some serious surfing or stick with something else I found.
      You can definitely expect me dino to react to Kamala the same way. Same as I did with the Obamanation for 8 years. Who wants to listen to a Liar-In-Chief?
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