Jen Psaki Plays Dodgeball To Prepare For Press Conferences

Posted by $ allosaur 3 weeks, 3 days ago to Humor
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Ain't such a sight so easy to imagine? There Jen is weaving and ducking to dodge rapidly hurled dodge balls. Meanwhile, she practices breath control by saying such things as "Border crisis?~Gasp!~What border crisis?"
In this The Babylon Bee's "Related Articles," appreciate how the "Believe Women" slogan has now been updated to "Believe Creepy Old Men With Dementia." Yeah, good ole' touchy-feely Beijing Joe has issues that presidentially take precedence due to rigged elections having consequences.
In "Must Read" you must read how diabolically the Chinese military is being trained to shout cancelled pronouns at snowflake American troops. Picture this on a bloody battlefield in, say, Taiwan. While reloading his AK, a Chinese soldier cries out, "Hey, Yankee pig-dog, take this! He/him! She/her!"
Hearing that, an entire American squad bursts into tears, throws down their weapons and flee bawling to Sarge so he may direct them to a safe space.
There secure in their safe space they can doodle to their heart's content with Chinese-made crayons and Chinese-made coloring books.

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