Trump Crowns Our Cheat-In-Chief Three Times

Posted by $ allosaur 4 weeks, 1 day ago to Humor
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No, this ain't from The Babylon Bee.
This week tornadoes were knocking the crap out of Alabama on my 74th birthday when relatives had to help me down a rain-slick concrete ramp that led down into a storm shelter.
Once I was led to a bench where I sat, I sang a couple of lines of "Happy birthday to me!" (I'm always cracking some joke).
So maybe I should have compassion for Beijing Joe falling all over himself trying to climb into an airplane a day or so later.
But, no! Hell no! I have zero respect for an aging crooked career politician who has become (besides a slimey quid pro quo multi-millionaire) our Cheat-In-Chief puppet for Marxist handlers.
So me dino found the special effects of Trump thrice bonking Obiden with golf ball pretty damn funny. I don't have to possess dino savagery to possess total contempt for American traitors.
I mean, what the heck did Benedict Arnold do? He failed an attempt to hand over a fort called West Point to the British. Arnold would have been executed if he had not escaped to England.
Arnold's treason is nothing compared to the damage already wreaked by our Marxist presidential puppet on a string.

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  • Posted by mccannon01 4 weeks ago
    Serious article pointing out a president with dementia can be a dangerous thing. Placing this puppet in power is just another example of the cruelty of the left that would do anything to be in power. His wife should be ashamed of herself.

    With that said, the Trump golf video is funny, LOL!
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    • Posted by $ 4 weeks ago
      Me dino thinks Better Say DOCTOR Jill craved the glamor of being the First Lady she didn't care how many times her senile hubby talked in public like a fool or fell down to go boom.
      Better Say DOCTOR Jill may feel glamorous but she sure don't look it.
      Better Say DOCTOR Jill sure ain't no elegant Melania who I hope comes back to the White House if Orange Man Bad can only find a way to beat the cheat. Chickens who roost in the Supreme Court sure won't help him.
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