Exclusive~~Biden Challenges Rowdy New Reporter "Ronald Crump" To "Fisticuffs"

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Here is proof that Obiden's belated first news conference was less "live" than it is actually "time-delayed" on video.
Fake News is not about to reveal that a supposed new CNN reporter who looks too much like Orange Man Bad got our foggy-headed puppet president so worked up with forbidden OAN kinda questions that Marxist handlers had to end the press conference by dragging Beijing Joe behind a curtain to safety with a neck-yanking shepherd's crooked cane.
In The Babylon Bee's "Related News" is a report that a sorry little Schiff repeatedly attempted the Jedi Mind Trick while stating "We don't need to look into Biden's corruption."
Y'all know what? That's kinda hard to believe. Why would any sorry little Schiff for a Congressman ever have to bother with that? I'll have to circle back on that 'un and get back with ya.
Also, there is a dangerous right-wing extremist who said we should treat all races equally, shocked and horrified sources confirmed today.
Hiding behind the acronyms "RIP MLK," this hateful bigot has been cancelled for his controversial stance that all people should be treated with respect in spite of their skin color.
Well, such an attitude sure ain't "woke" these days if you ask me!
SOURCE URL: https://babylonbee.com/news/mr-biden-why-are-you-a-total-loser-asks-new-white-house-reporter-ronald-crump

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