Who Defends Our Liberty If Not You and I? The Never-Ending Battle between Leviathan and Liberty

Posted by freedomforall 1 year, 3 months ago to Philosophy
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Excerpt: "The notion that Americans will always be free is part of the catechism that is force-fed to public school students. For hundreds of years, philosophers, politicians, and reformers have touted a law of history that assures the ultimate triumph of freedom. “ But few political follies are more hazardous than presuming that one’s liberties are forever safe. None of the arguments on why liberty is inevitable can explain why it has not yet arrived. Most of the human race existed with little or no freedom for 95+ percent of recorded history. If liberty is God’s gift to humanity, then why were most people who ever lived on Earth denied this divine bequest?" If liberty is the natural state of mankind, then where is the evidence of individuals having complete control of their lives? Why do millions want to escape their own homelands?
SOURCE URL: https://mises.org/wire/never-ending-battle-between-leviathan-and-liberty

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  • Posted by 25n56il4 1 year, 3 months ago
    Think about this! The Pilgrims began landing in the 1600's. The Revolutionary War was clearly into the 1700's even until 1812. Many folks migrated to Texas after 1830 and before 1860 (Civil War). Seems to take us a while to get our rile up! Look at WWI and WW2 (we weren't first in).
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