The UK government admits that covid vaccines are pointless and offer zero protection

Posted by $ BobCat 1 month ago to Government
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From the article,” When 2021 is through, the world will pine for the nostalgic devastation of 2020. If the vaccines do not “stop the spread” as previously promised — what’s the next level of control and fraud to be rolled out across the world?”

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  • Posted by $ Abaco 4 weeks, 1 day ago
    Yep, it looks like people are starting to realize it doesn't prevent nor prevent the spread. In my opinion the public's been sold a bill of goods on this. I just hope it is helpful and doesn't have terrible long-term side effects. Also, I hope the government nor employers don't decide to force people to take it. Comes down to the questions of "safe and effective". May be effective (maybe not on the later variants of the virus - different spike protein). We know it's killed some people. Will it prevent death? We don't know yet.

    Here's my prediction. After we get as many people vaccinated who want the vaccine (I think that will be about 50% at most) the pandemic will still be roaring through the US. That will be due to the vaccine not being very effective and the virus morphing - why we've never had an effective coronavirus vaccine. So, once half the people get vaccinated and still don't feel safe the media will do what it always does - set the agenda. And, then forced vaccination will be employed. How it will be implemented will be interesting to see. Probably through a reduction of basic liberties like travel, work, and threatening people with the removal of their social security, and pensions. We'll see. And, it's possible this pandemic fades away within a year even if we do nothing. I don't think the numbers indicate such a positive outcome but we'll see. Good luck everybody. Be safe.

    It's my opinion that we are having this discussion because there are a lot of people who don't trust the government on vaccines. Why is that? Something that happened in America over the past 20 years - something they horribly mismanaged. I'll let you mull that over.
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  • Posted by Lucky 1 month ago
    From those sources, in my words-

    Q. 95% effective- but at what?

    A. The so-called efficacy is on symptom reduction compared with getting severely ill from the virus infection. Vaccinated individuals may still become infected, but they get less severe symptoms. So these are not strictly speaking vaccines. They are experimental mRNA technology platforms.

    Even after you have had both doses of the vax you may still pass on the virus to someone else and the chain of transmission continues

    Why bother, (apart from cost and politics)?
    Well it does give some extra benefit with some extra risk.

    So, even with all the billions of sunk cost, how does the use of vaccines compare with the known, cheap, safe treatment - The one where info is heavily censored by Big Media etc. referred to Pres Trump, used for decades, some of them so safe that are (were) available without prescription?

    When you think you have an answer to that question, now put in what is known about Who pays and Who benefits.
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    • Posted by $ WilliamShipley 1 month ago
      Why bother? Well, not dying is a good reason. While Covid is just a few days of the flu to a lot of people to some, it kills. At 68 with Diabetes and high blood pressure, I'd rather not take the chance.

      There is nothing magic about other vaccines. Vaccines don't directly do anything. All they do is let your own immune system build up reactivity to the virus without it replicating by the billions while you try to catch up.

      And if you are still able to get a lesser infection and still be infectious you are less contagious. This is not a binary condition your immune system can be successfully managing an infection but not 100%. This is why PCR tests that have a high cycle threshold can detect virus while the patient is essentially not affected.
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      • Posted by Lucky 1 month ago
        That decision should use a calculation applicable to the individual.

        For your age cohort the chance of death in your locality is..
        Take the vax and the figure changes, but the calc cannot be done as there is only very vague data, the chance seems to go up to high levels for age 80 plus.
        Eg. "At 68 with Diabetes and high blood pressure" the risk of death is higher than the usual quoted figures both w/wo the vax. There is fewer data for vax compared with no vax.

        There are alternative strategies for individuals, eg. take vit D etc of course, then if there are symptoms, take Ivermectin (or the Zelenko protocol). These are very safe so are ok to take even if not sure about symptoms. Yes very safe even for age 80 plus. So safe they can be taken as a precautionary measure. They do not keep the virus out but destroy it within days leaving antibodies behind which work for some months or years. It could be argued this is safer than the vaxes which can produce shocks to the body, not predictable in severity, fatalities have been recorded.

        Thee is another kind of evaluation, that of public policy, you may or may not consider this valid. The vax argument relies on herd immunity build-up so all restrictions can be eliminated (they tell us). The big snag here is that the mRNA types are not vaccines, so no herd immunity.
        Individuals who are vaxxed catch the virus, suffer, but with reduced symptoms, lower chance of death, but the virus is still transmissible.
        This problem exists with the use of Ivermectin (etc) but it is far easier to deal with at the level of the individual.

        Using such alternatives the individual is in control, no transportation at very low temperatures, waiting list, bookings, easy pills to swallow, no jabs, no health system, no reliance on docs and nurses, no health insurance claiming, cheap to the individual and health system.
        Risk of death evaluation? Varies according to data available and circumstances. Likely to be lower across the board.

        In other words, anathema to deepstate.
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        • Posted by $ WilliamShipley 1 month ago
          I disagree on the mRNA not being a vaccine. It's not a traditional vaccine, but anything that prepares your immune system to fight the virus when it appears has the same effect, so it will generate the same herd immunity. A "dead virus" vaccine would still not confer 100% immunity, it's all up to your personal immune system to actually do the work. And individuals have different immune system characteristics.

          I am taking 6000 IU vitamin D a day as well as zinc 2 grams of C and a few other things.

          I had the first shot of Pfizer last Monday, will get the next in a couple of weeks. The first left my arm sore for a couple of days, I expect a stronger reaction on the next.

          In the end this will require herd immunity, probably through a combination of some people having the immune system encounter and beat the virus in the wild and some being vaccinated. I am not enthusiastic about forced vaccination. Although, I am on the fence about employers requiring it -- if the employer is going to be held responsible if they require employees to come to work and they get sick. Which can be the case.
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          • Posted by Lucky 1 month ago
            Yes. (in general) Definitions .definitions. .

            Agree, the mRNA does what you say, one concern is, being ingenious and new, what else does it do?
            My view, the dead (bits of) viruses in a vax give as much immunity as live ones except when it is dead you do not get the disease for real. The body reacts against the fake threat, it learns and remembers what to do for when the threat is real. That is how they work. The objectors agree with that, I think, but add they do not know what other things are in the package that gets injected.
            (alive/dead= able or not to replicate)
            Re- the vax still allows you to get the virus and spread it, is from the Pharma companies. Seems to me that would work against herd immunity.
            So I think my question is valid -why bother? Especially considering the unknown risks of your DNA getting manipulated.

            These reservations apply to the conventional vaxxes eg AstraZenka, to a lesser extent.

            Anyway, will you be easing up on the other things when the vax takes? That 2g a day of Vit C is high, you have to make sure you ease it down gradually and not stop it cold turkey.
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            • Posted by $ WilliamShipley 1 month ago
              I've been taking 2G of Vit C for years. 1000 mg in morning and night. Once herd immunity is established, I'll probably cut back a bit on the D but not a lot.

              No vaccine is magic, it's your own immune system that does all the work and helping it along isn't bad. I'm not sure that any vaccine completely prevents you from being infected and spreading it if your system is challenged with a sufficiently high volume assault. With an active pandemic, there is a lot of virus out there.
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          • Posted by $ 4 weeks, 1 day ago
            Am taking 50 mg Zn, 1000 mg vit C, and 2000 IU of D3 daily just for the immune system in general since its winter. Once my out of doors activities increase come spring I drop the vit D.
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  • Posted by 25n56il4 4 weeks, 1 day ago
    I'm somewhat ambivilent about the vaccine. I had the flu 4 times before a vaccine came into play. I've now had 2 pneumonia vaccines and not even a cold or the flu since my first vaccine 20 years ago. If the tests are not accurate, I don't yet trust the vaccine.
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