Pentagon Delcares Climate Change A Security Threat

Posted by $ allosaur 1 month ago to Government
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No, this ain't some of me dino's satire from The Babylon Bee. Check out the link.
The military of the CCP, Mother Russia, North Korea and Asian Indian polluters who compete with China for being the world's very worst are all laughing at us.
Save for our other enemies into the Quran, they probably know what me dino has written time and time again~~"Climate is always changing. Just ask the dinosaurs and the woolly mammoths."
Do believe that point of view stems from for really real "following the science" those power-hungry manipulating Democrats love to spout off about.

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  • Posted by $ BobCat 1 month ago
    Never fully or even partially understood the concept of eliminating CO2. CO2 is required in this symbiotic relationship between plants and animals. if one doesn’t like the co2 levels, then maybe one needs to grow more plants. Or at least stop breathing and reproducing, or stop volcanoes from erupting, or stop forest fires, or stop the natural decomposition of limestone, or plug all the hot spring vents in Yellowstone and elsewhere.... yes I am being ridiculous, but so are those who feel good about themselves by opposing natural climate change. Change is natural and has been for 17 billion years when this cosmic climate was formed and created...
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    • Posted by $ 1 month ago
      Me an age 73 dino remembers being taught in elementary school about trees and plants taking in CO2 and giving off oxygen and animal species doing the opposite all the way back to elementary school.
      In fact, little dino was quite fascinated by that "balance of life" information.
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      • Posted by $ BobCat 1 month ago
        Yes, back in the good ole days when Schools taught the 3 R's and History and things necessary to survive in the world. Have yet to figure out how all these students now days are going to eat gender studies, etc.
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