Atlas Shrugged Now Non-Fiction- Tesla Announces Fake Earnings (from Government Transfers Penalizing Real Auto Companies Whose Prices Must Be Higher To Keep Tesla in Business) At Your Expense

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"It is being “reported” that Tesla’s net “earnings” have “surged” to $438 million. What they do not report is that this includes $518 million “earned” via regulatory credits – which aren’t cars. Rather, they are monies mulcted from other car companies, paid to Tesla to get “credit” for not having made a sufficient number of electric cars themselves.

Enough to achieve compliance with government requirements, as in California, that they build a certain number/percentage of them – else pay Elon to get the “credit.” In other words, it is a racket.

A shakedown.

Only legal – like the income tax. But it does not change the nature of the thing. Only the marketing of the thing.

It is very interesting that no major automotive media reports the context about Tesla’s “earnings.” Instead, it is “reported” that Tesla is making money hand-over-fist.

Which is true.

It is also true of the IRS. And of Al Capone. But the media in those days did not cover for Capone. Everyone knew he was a gangster – and to be fair to Capone, he was only that because the government made his otherwise legitimate business – the selling of alcohol to people who very much wished to buy it – illegal.

The situation with Tesla – and Elon Musk – is morally and legally the inverse. The government has made it illegal for other car companies to not sell electric cars, which most people do not wish to freely buy.

It makes no more sense for Toyota, say, to build lots of electric cars when there is no real market for electric cars than it does for Starbucks to build coffee kiosks in Death Valley. Luckily for Starbucks, there is no government regulation requiring hot coffee to be sold in Death Valley as the price of being allowed to sell hot coffee in San Francisco – so Starbucks doesn’t have to build coffee kiosks in the desert – nor pay some other coffee company that does build them in the desert, so as to get “credit” for it.

But the car industry is in precisely that position.

If Toyota – if any of them – wish to sell other cars in California, they are required to either make a certain number of “zero emissions” electric cars themselves . . . or they’re forced to buy “credit” from Musk, for his having made them.

They are forced, in other words, not only to pay extortion – they are forced to subsidize the business of a direct competitor.

One who can’t compete with them on the merits. And so uses the law, instead.

Musk is arguably more of a criminal – morally – than Al Capone. His (Musk’s) business is fundamentally fraudulent. Rather than flouting the law, he leverages the law to extort his “earnings.”"

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  • Posted by $ Ben_C 2 weeks ago
    Something about Al Gore and carbon credits comes to mind. But, as Trump once said about his bankruptcies, "I don;t write the laws, I use them" or something like that. Of course Elon Musk is going to use the laws to make money. The only problem is when the beneficiaries help write the laws,
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