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  • Posted by Ben_C 3 years ago
    Awesome piece. AAPS is always spot on. Just to give you an idea of how uninformed this "woke" is among liberals - here in Washtenaw County our newly elected prosecutor has essentially legalized prostitution. He has labeled it consensual sex work. He wants prostitutes to feel safe if a john abuses then when they report the event to the police. Ann Arbor is a "sanctuary city" and with the now open boarders it is an open invitation to MS 13 to set up shop. I can see it now - hookers walking down Main Street with gang members dining outside watching their "workers" ply their trade. When I mention this to my liberal friends I get the "deer in the head lights stare." They have no idea how this happened. Oh, and the prosecutor has also pretty much eliminated bail - just set them lose because bail is racist. Will be fun times in Washtenaw County, Michigan
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  • Posted by Katrina41 3 years ago
    brightwriter, that link was terrific! Each new piece of information drives home the fact that personal freedom and rsponsibility have been outmanuvered and discarded by the powers behind the scene. The masses who buy this bilge have no idea just what is coming down the pike; they still believe in and trust entities like the AMA, television, democrats and republicans. They still trust the food processors but not this country's farmers. They trust overreaching government agencies but not the experts who disagree with leftist policies. They rely on a vast, inhuman beauracracy but not on themselves. The whole structure will have to fall, world-wide, before we can put it to rights, if we can. It really depends on if we can outlast the mindless frenzy that WILL happen as our civilation devours itself. Ayn was a woman who understood her world. Now it's our turn.
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    • Posted by $ 3 years ago
      Thanks! I have some health-care freedom uploads and share your dislike of the AMA American Mendicant Association and organized medicine, which I in my less serious moments refer to, for the acronym, as the Medically Organized Relying On Nonsense. My YouTube channel is

      Incidentally, I still have a medical license and my major contribution to legal medicine is my how-to strategy on how we rebel physicians should respond to unwarranted medical-board complaints. AAPS published it in its journal and it is here:
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