Thermal rolls, 4 curiosities that you did not know about them

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4 weird things you (probably) don't know about thermal rolls
Thermal rolls are a regular feature in our back rooms or pantries, they are consumables to which little attention is paid and that sooner or later, we all lack when we need them most.

Did you know that thermal paper is older than you think? We are going to tell you 4 curiosities that you probably do not know about them. There they go:

1. The 1960s
Thermal rolls as we know them have evolved a lot since then, but it was in 1960 when the Appleton Papers company manufactured the first print run of this type of paper. Direct thermal printing was used from Texas Instruments terminals way back in 1969, to worldwide faxes thereafter.

2. Silent printing
Why don't thermal printers make noise?

Very simple: thermal rolls do not need any element to impact on the surface of the roll, since the printing method is direct thermal transfer. This is achieved by using print heads that transfer heat to the paper, and in this way, without depositing any type of product on the surface, intelligible prints are achieved.

3. Out of ink?
Indeed, without ink. Thermal rolls are composed, among many other ingredients, of a mixture of chemical elements that, when in contact with the heat of the print heads, stain the surface of the paper black. This is achieved by adding ink plus a series of reagents, which, as we have said before, act only at a certain temperature, which makes the paper remain white until the moment when some type of heat is applied.

4. So the thermal rolls will be very expensive, right?
Absolutely. In fact, today thermal paper pays off much more than any other type of ticket paper roll. Since the customer only has to make the initial investment of the printer, and that the thermal rolls are the most chosen standard in the market, the prices of thermal paper are much cheaper.

Also, the fact that there is no need to replenish ink rolls makes thermal rolls the preferred choice for the vast majority of businesses around the world.

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