Is there a crisis? Yes!

Posted by Lucky 1 year, 3 months ago to Politics
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Is there a crisis? Yes!

Are there plans to fix it? Many, generally vague or proposing violence by someone else.
The Epoch Times gives a good plan. The author, Trevor Loudon, is a New Zealander. NZ is also on a downward slope, many know it. This plan applies to the US.

It looks good to me, here are some of my comments on it:

Point 1. Denial, the military are in control. Some gulchers are in this group. (I wish).

Point 2. Tough Talk for Violence. Very true. Deepstate Woke want it and provoke it. Suggestion- they have the decisive fire power.

Point 3. Yes. Electronic voting machines- absolute no. Even were there no fraud these machines obscure validation and audit. Weaknesses to fix: postal/absentee voting, early voting, eligibility, and many more.

Point 4. Yes but a more radical review of registration would help.

Point 5. Alliances are used by the various woke power blocs.

Point 6. Question, this may fail if there is an activist hostile court system.

Point 7. Yes. As point 4 but more local level than states.

Point 8. Yes. Long overdue in the case of big tech. If platform/publisher changes do not work consider regulation (!) As they are public utilities, the left (not the woke part) could support.

Point 9. Obvious.

Another point. A misreading of Ayn Rand and belligerent individuals lead to hostile views on cooperation. Several of the above points require cooperation, it is right and proper and consistent with values if legal and voluntary without any penalty for not joining.

The other side has another technique, use of the agent-provocateur.
If It is good for the goose it is good for the gander, I think not this one.

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  • Posted by freedomforall 1 year, 3 months ago
    I think he should take his plan and prove it works by doing it in NZ first. Ditto for Australia.
    Lead the way for a change.
    Are you men or are you socialist Kiwis?
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    • Posted by 1 year, 3 months ago
      NZ. - A touch of optimism but I think the latest madness will evaporate as they have poor discipline and efficiency (fortunately).

      Australia. - Much madness but serious in just one State. Victoria, a case study- A one man dictatorship by Mad Dan, there are no legal or parliamentary avenues for protest and the police are earning a lot of overtime. They dress up in regalia suited for warfare on Mars.
      Victims are of course unarmed, no guns, no daggers, no pitchforks. A pregnant woman at home, oldies sitting on a park bench, journalists with correct accreditation. Some protest crowds but no teargas, yet. All amply documented on vids. Even my odd sense of humor gets stretched.

      The whole thing is centered on the virus but this is great for imposing scares and restrictions, all meaningless. There appears to be big support for MadDan but who is actually writing the comments and putting the upticks, the usual bots?

      All that stuff is on top of what may be worse, the cultural rot, the takeover of the institutions, universities, deepstate, education- the long march, by the left/woke. It is so widespread and diffuse that a military takeover may not be sufficient to change it. But, the example of police in Victoria suggests that paying ample overtime gets the job done. (If military leadership knew their job, but they are forefront in woke drivel).

      I suppose that if things are bleak at home, and nothing can be done, giving advice to someone else is therapy.
      "Do as I say not as I do".
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