“Break Their Will” to Use Hydrocarbon Fuels - Massachusetts Undersecretary (aka Dictator) for Climate Change

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"When a dog curls its lip and bares its teeth, you know what sort of dog you’re dealing with. One such dog curled its lip in Massachusetts recently. His name is David Ismay – possibly related to the Bruce Ismay of Titanic fame, but hold that thought.

This Ismay wants to “break the will” — his words – of people who rely on gasoline to power their cars and oil and natural gas to heat their homes.

And he was in a position to do just that, being a government worker and having lots of armed government workers available to enforce whatever he decreed as the Undersecretary for Climate Change – yes, such an office exists – of the state of Massachusetts. A state nominally under the governorship of a Republican – Charlie Barker – it bears pointing out.

Of course, Massachusetts is also the state where Obamacare was born, under the governorship of another Republican . . . Mitt Romney."
SOURCE URL: https://www.ericpetersautos.com/2021/02/17/break-their-will/

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