Inflation Wake-Up Call

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Who causes inflation?
Same people who repeatedly get bailed out for causing economic depressions.

"Fast food has always had one thing going for it – cheapness. A lot of food for not much money. It is why fast food is popular, especially with people who haven’t got much money.

McDonald’s food, for instance, certainly isn’t good food.

Now it’s also expensive food – as anyone who has meandered through the drive-thru recently already knows.

A Big Mac – which is mostly bread, some stale lettuce, thousand island dressing and two meager “beef” patties – costs $4. Plus tax. A quarter-pounder costs about the same. Two dollars more buys you one large order of french fries. Add two medium sodas and this marginal meal for two costs almost $15.

Which isn’t cheap given the food – both quality and quantity.

A meal for four on the same basis and there goes $40 if everyone gets their own french fries. For McDonald’s.

If fast food is the food of the poor, the poor are in trouble – nutritionally and financially. Today’s $4 Big Mac sold for $2.39 in 2000, which even adjusted for inflation is “only” $3.41 in today’s money. Put another way, the clown has jacked up the real cost of the Big Mac by about 60 cents since 2000.

Vito the loan shark would be ashamed.

Especially in view of what someone who works at McDonald’s earns. Which is $7.25 per hour, per the feds. After eight hours of slinging burgers, a burger-slinger has earned enough to buy himself . . . a bag of burgers.

The President Selected wants to raise the minimum wage to $15 – which will only make Big Macs even more expensive, unless you believe in the kindness of the Clown. The same Clown that jacked up the price of a Big Mac by 60 cents over twenty years, above the cost-adjustment of inflation. The Clown will make you pay the difference – at the drive thru and on your 1040.

In other words, we’ll all pay and the burger slinger will wonder why his $15-per-hour hasn’t enabled him to buy more than a bag of burgers after a day slinging them. Don’t worry; we can just give him $30 per hour and all will be well.

The day is probably not far off when a Big Mac will cost $8. It already costs $5 in Germany and France, where measures such as the President Selected have long been in practice.

Over there, the poor can barely afford to eat cheap. Soon, they may not be able to afford to eat at all – and neither will the rest of us.

Because it’s not just cheap food that’s gotten pricey. A pound of ground beef is also pushing $5; the same thing cost about $1.50 back in 2000. But – this is interesting – when you plug that number into the government’s official inflation calculator, you only get $2.32.

Lucy has some ‘splainin to do.

Put another way, maybe the Clown isn’t as evil as the price he charges for a Big Mac indicates. Maybe it is the government that’s evil – not only causing but suppressing the true extent of the inflation that is easting us alive.

The government has both the capability and the incentive to perform this trick. The capability being its control over the calculating of inflation as well as its de facto control of the amen-corner press that repeats what the government tells it to. The incentive being to keep the minds of the marks off target. To prevent them from seeing – much less understanding how they’re being fleeced as well as how badly they are being fleeced.

Inflation is low! Just look at these numbers! (their numbers).

But the better gauge is to look in your wallet – probably empty – and your shopping cart, which likely isn’t even half full yet cost you every bill you had in your wallet. $100 buys a couple of plastic bag-fulls, easily carried by hand.

Back in 2000, $100 bought a trunkful of groceries sufficient to feed a family for a week.

Today, $100 would buy you 25 Big Macs – not plus fries and no sodas, either.

It’s not yet Venezuela. But it’s a long way from what America was – as recently as 20 years ago. Probably because about 100 years ago, America was bought by a cabal of private bankers – the “Fed” – and they have owned the money ever since. Which is the same as saying they own us.

Would you like to supersize that order?"

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  • Posted by $ Dobrien 1 week, 4 days ago
    In 1964 a silver dollar and a paper dollar bought you 4 gallons of a silver dollar buys you
    8 gallons of gas and it takes $2.59 paper money to get you 1 gallon of gas. Another way to look at it is a single family home avg $20,000 or 20,000 silver dollars that same currency today will get you a $460,000 home and the median home price is

    When was JFK shot? Who owns the federal reserve bank? Don’t say a Cabal of international bankers.
    Good bye yellow brick road........
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    • Posted by $ BobCat 1 week, 3 days ago
      In the ‘30’s a $50 gold piece (1 Toz) would buy one a really nice suite. Today a $50 gold piece (1 Toz) would buy one a really nice suit. Or to use your cartwheel analogy, 20,000 cartwheels in 1964 would have bought you a real nice house too.
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      • Posted by 1 week, 3 days ago
        A really nice custom made suit is about $350 FRN in Bangkok (if you can get there.) Add in the travel and vacation cost and you're probably still less than an ounce. Some things are less costly today due to free market advances. Others, e.g., housing, are more costly (for little improvement in 60 years) thanks to that banking cartel pushing up asset prices via inflation. Deflation would be a disaster for them and a boon to most people.
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  • Posted by $ BobCat 1 week, 5 days ago
    Even low levels of inflation have long term effects, inflation, even when “they” tell us it’s at its lowest levels, it’s still inflation and prices still increase faster than the reported rate of inflation because of profits.
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    • Posted by 1 week, 5 days ago
      Government has a habit of ignoring the prices of items that cause the rate of inflation vary from government's predictions (which are, of course, government's desired outcome.)
      So residential housing prices have been ignored for decades, for example. If they recognized the real rate of inflation they'd have to adjust soc sec payments much higher. As usual, the weak get screwed by government.
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