The Sovereign Crime (With Complicit Government Support) of Industrial Scale Vote Fraud

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Finding election voting fraud is easy using tools used by insurance companies.
But the Deep State traitors don't want anyone to know that.

"Most Americans have never seen an organized crime take place, in plain view, supported by or covered up by governmental institutions. But it happens all the time around the world, even in some countries that are quite Westernized.

Sovereign crime means your government was a participant, active or passive, enabling vote fraud.

Governors and secretaries of state refusing to cleanse voter rolls, refusing to check signatures for mail-in ballots – even during recounts, changing the voting rules weeks before an election, qualifies as your government messing with your vote.

The national government refusing to investigate the most egregious examples of voter fraud like hundreds of thousands of more ballots than voters in several states, that is a pretty good indicator that they are passive participants in industrial level vote fraud.

The refusal of the FBI to fully investigate Jesse Morgan’s truck with the hundreds of thousands of ballots going from New York to Pennsylvania – yet dispatching agents to a NASCAR location to investigate a garage pull-down they hoped was a noose – well, that’s a good indicator, too.

Wait, we’re not done here.

The United States Postal Service managers telling employees to backdate ballots so they could be counted illegally. Does that sound like your government – sovereign government – participating in vote fraud?

Our team noted that this might be the first time in American history that the government from the states to the national to its agencies coordinated to either fake the vote or hide the faking.

Our profilers comfortably said the 2020 election fraud was on such a scale that it was impossible for the major law enforcement agencies to not have known about it in advance.

Governmental law enforcement either actively engaged in the fraud, which is impossible to prove, or knowingly acquiesced after the fact.

Pretty clearly, the evidence is piling up that the FBI had zero interest in trucks with ballots crossing state lines, ballots being shredded in Maricopa County, tens of thousands of ballots received before being mailed and all sorts of other clues any competent law enforcement agency would at least investigate.

The conversation did not go where I expected it.

There was no interest on our profilers’ part in doing investigation of massive voter fraud. They felt it was so obvious and the current work being done by citizens and published on hard-to-find blogs was state-of-the-art and no further investigations would find much more. Their comments were striking because they said the data easily available showed the election fraud patterns had two very alarming characteristics: It was not the first time this was tried, and it will be performed again, at scale, in the next election.

Violent criminals have known profiles and when law enforcement properly applies certain profiles, there can be very accurate predictions about what such persons will do next.

Fraud criminals have their own patterns. When we were doing insurance fraud, we often said, with authority, that fraud is a constant. If you stop it one place, it will pop up somewhere else.

Fraud criminals are often highly educated. In our world, they are doctors, attorneys, insurance investigators, chiropractors, running fraud rings spanning multiple states. If someone were caught and the ring broken, those who did not go to jail did not become priests or open small businesses. They started other fraud rings.

Fraud is a constant. Fraud becomes a profession.

Fraud rings, when organized, grow. They continue to expand with new entrants, slightly different profiles, corrupting more people with money that dwarfs what one might make honestly. Fraud techniques are like an organic species: what works, thrives; and what fails, dies out. Patterns emerge. Patterns equal prediction and prediction enables eradication.

Here is where our profilers made a critical connection.

The 2020 election fraud did not just happen. It is impossible for an organization, spanning many states, using similar techniques (fake ballots, shutting down counting at the same time, more ballots than voters, dead voters, underage voters) to succeed the first time at bat. There are just too many moving parts.

So here we developed a thesis.

The team, educated in some of the most sophisticated organized fraud tactics, posited that this was not a dry run. Their thesis is that if one were to seriously evaluate the balloting in many states for 2014, 2016 and 2018, one will find traces of what happened in 2020. That project is under discussion.

Their second thesis is that this is not over by any means. This kind of election fraud was hugely successful. If one even questions the 2020 election, one can be banned from social media and labeled a “conspiracy theorist” by sovereign governmental agencies.

The team believes the best is yet to come.

Fraud perps are greedy and when left to commit fraud, for which there was likely millions of dollars in remuneration either presently or in the future, they are not going to stop. As fraudsters recognize that national law enforcement refuses to investigate and the courts will not look at evidence, they are emboldened. Who wouldn’t be?

Our courts and law enforcement are saying “come, commit all the fraud you want, we won’t investigate, and if there is litigation, we will toss it out on procedural grounds.”

If anyone protests, the FBI may raid their home with an assault vehicle.

We are dealing with a new type of crime, at least new to most Americans: sovereign crime. This is it, folks! This is what it looks like.

Just think if the courts and government did this for Medicaid fraud. We might all do it!

So if you are an election fraud perp, what would you do? Double down! Yes, you would, you know you would.

Fraud is a constant. What we saw in 2020 is going to happen in 2022 and 2024 in a very big way. Maybe bigger since there are no constraints.

It is here the team made their most startling prediction.

The data from 2020 are strong enough to predict exactly where the most egregious fraud is going to happen and how it is going to happen.

Texas data sent to us showed the 2020-type fraud did happen in 2016 and 2018 in a smaller degree but with the same pattern. It was not reported. In hindsight, compared with 2020, a pattern emerges.

Profiling works. Fraud is a constant. Bad guys without pushback overplay their hands.

Your government, at the state and federal level, the FBI, government agencies can be in on the scam. That is the realization slowly being accepted by millions of Americans.

We have technologies that can identify dead voters the moment they cast a ballot. We can identify people who are out-of-state, voted twice, are underage, live in a vacant lot or a UPS or FedEx postal box. We can even show a photo of that vacant lot so you can see where your fake neighbor claims to live.

Literally, the second their ballot is counted, they can be flagged as a likely fraud.

Yes, we can deploy that technology today. We have done it in the insurance industry for decades.

We can predict where election fraud is going to happen. We can predict how it is going to be done. We can deploy technologies to identify likely fraud within seconds of when it happens."

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  • Posted by mccannon01 1 month ago
    Looks like free enterprise fraud detection is way ahead of the game and applying the techniques to "Sovereign Crime" is a no brainer. As the article points out, uncovering the fraud and getting government to prosecute are two different things.
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