In A Newly Woke Sesame Street Episode, Elmo Joins Antifa! Torches Local Businesses!

Posted by $ allosaur 3 weeks, 1 day ago to Humor
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"Elmo will burn down black-owned businesses! Elmo loves throwing Molotov cocktails!" the mad Muppet screams during this laugh-riot for an instructive child-enlightening episode. "Eat the rich! Haha! Elmo loves you! Unless you disagree politically. Then Elmo hopes you die! Haha!"
Yes, it's all so woke sweet how the Muppets teach kids about social justice and inequality in this special episode paid for by BLM due to donations from assorted huge lib corporations never being Antifa attacked for being too big to fail. Just ask their CCP associates. Right, Walmart?
In a The Babylon Bee "Related Article" (that's actually related this time) check out Paw Patrol Replaces Chase The Cop With Karl The Antifa Rioter. Progressives are praising this long-awaited change from a problematic police dog to a much more moral upstanding commie canine. And this revised show is still oh so very sweet and cute!
In "Must Read" you must read how savagely AOC is being mocked! How? Ted Cruz dons an all-white suit and cries outside Biden's detention centers by the border for future Democrat voters.

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