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  • Posted by Lucky 1 month, 1 week ago
    Shadow government. A non-emotional term used widely in parliamentary democracies for the senior members of the opposition party who have official designated positions matching the cabinet of the party in office. With no-fixed-term-government, It is usual for the shadow cabinet to be ready to step in, almost in minutes as the vote in the House should require.

    This new Office- it acknowledges the end of one presidency and the start of another, just what they said Trump would not do, it acknowledges the finality of the poll (legit or not), something many of the other party would not do after four years.
    It shows drive and initiative, a conservative approach, follow the rules, and if there are no rules for the situation then make them up consistent with the spirit of existing rules. This is the raising of a flag by a man who knows he has work to do and is ready willing and able to do it.
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