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1.25.21: The PROOF seems undeniable! Future IS proving the PAST!
Go to the 16:57 mark then watch...could this be true?...seems so.
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  • Posted by Lucky 1 year, 6 months ago
    OldUgly, I have been reading your posts, since, well a long time.
    A year ago I would say to myself, That OldUgly seems to be such a fine chap, pity he is into that stuff. More recently rather odd things have happened, -not just the massive and overt voting fraud, but the acceptance of it,
    so many people who do not know if they are male or female,
    a US President signs orders and says he does not know what he is signing,
    has boasted about having a widespread vote fraud system in place,
    boasted about shaking-down a foreign government to favor his son's business,
    a new bad infection comes in (as serious as flu, maybe worse), governments react with hysteria and self-harm,
    big media and big tech companies engage in unprecedented coordinated coverups and censorship, courts give fairy stories about not hearing cases, an aggravation ceremony filmed in a dozen places then cobbled together,
    and so on as you know.
    An hour ago I posted a comment, yes a bit rough, on this military plan to ride in and sort it all out.

    I am now beginning to be more sympathetic to explanations such as changes in magnetic fields, polar vortexes, or maybe it is (just) some kind of mental virus! I'd better not mention this to my doc. Cheers.
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