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  • Posted by $ Stormi 2 weeks, 2 days ago
    I just finished watching the whole video, well worth it! It brought back the 70s push for one world gov. and how Kissinger was planning to use good, oil and banks to control us then. I have seen them use the Delphi Technique at public meetings. Luckily, I always follow the money and look at who is seeking control. This is no different except sheer scale. People need to resist.Our coffee pals have continued to meet nearly daily, no masks, sitting together where we can get away with it. We all know the score. Our neighbors are maskless and still stop to visit as they walk. We do not like forced domination via guilt. So transparent. I can only figure DeWine is being forced via swome secret he wants to hide, otherwise he would see his methods have made the spread worse. He needs to be gone. We have too many weak need, lying politicians trying to control us, over a virus they have lied about from day one. It was man made, but badly, otherwise it would required an antidote, not a vaccine. .Gates says vaccines will make us more accepting of one world order, said on camera. Thus the real purpose of vaccines. They want sheep, both the Bush, Clinton and Obama families, that is how they see us. Take away the light bulb (Anthem), censor what we read or hear, starve us as Russia did to villages to get compliance. Don't stand by, resist.
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  • Posted by $ Thoritsu 2 weeks, 3 days ago
    COVID had one purpose, ensuring Trump's reelection failed.

    As soon as Biden gets in, and waves his hand, his leadership will be applauded, and COVID goes away. Biden will probably "ask" people to wear masks and distance. This will be reported as "leadership". Over-reporting infection and deaths will stop. Intentional media scares will stop. Then in five minutes, pretty people will say it is ok to go out. Mask-Karens subside...

    Headline will be: "How Biden won against COVID so quickly"

    Oh, and all the complete bullshit promoted about the arrests and response to corruption was ... complete bullshit.
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