Nancy Pelosi Buys 25 Tesla Call Options, May Benefit From Joe Biden's EV Push

Posted by $ nickursis 10 months ago to Government
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So, one has to wonder why this criminal crone gets to buy a million dollars of Tesla calls, BEFORE creepy joe makes a announcement that they will switch to all electric vehicles, and do it in the open. It's called insider trading, is illegal and unethical. Since it is Felony Pelosi, we know none of those social skills apply, but she should be impeached herself immediately. If you do not subscribe to the conspiracy theory about a deep state, maybe you should, only someone who knows she is exempt from any laws does this crap.

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  • Posted by 25n56il4 9 months, 4 weeks ago
    When I was on the City Council, the Mayor appointed me to write an Ethics Guidelines for the Council. Someone asked 'why her?' The Mayor replied, "Because she's the only one who can spell Ethics."
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  • Posted by $ Markus_Katabri 10 months ago
    At the risk of sounding “unreasonable”. .gov would have to get it’s peni out of the Railroad Transportation Companies arses before anything substantial will ever happen with EV. Until then this is just a Virtue Signalling Extravaganza. “Oh my aren’t we all so smart! Look at how we are saving the planet. Why is rent so high now? It must be those bastard capitalists.”
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    • Posted by $ 9 months, 4 weeks ago
      Not unreasonable, but only one part of the whole hijack. There is no such thing as "man made climate change", what is really going on in the earths magnetic field weakening, and moving, and a solar minimum. Wait until the sunspots start up and we get hit with a big flare, then nothing "electric" will work, and the climate will still be changing. Go look up Ben Davidson at Suspicious, or on YouTube. They are only now beginning to be forced to add solar forcing into climate models and it has trashed them, as they cannot handle all the variables added in when you actually use real science. This has all been a boondoggle to do things like make Felony Pelosi and others rich off of us.
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