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  • Posted by $ Abaco 3 weeks, 4 days ago
    I work with an engineer who I have a lot of trust in. He has a home in east/central California where he spends a lot of his time. A couple years ago he told me a story where he and his neighbors observed something coming out of the sky that resembled those wispy spider webs we sometimes see in the fall, as some spiders spread their species that way (I don't know which spiders, etc.) But, this material looked different and certainly didn't feel like spider web when handled. So...he and his neighbors captured some of this stuff and had it tested. It was loaded with aluminum. I found it to be an interesting story and this reminds me of it. I was thinking reading this...maybe this is already being done(?)

    I can't think of any expected activity that would put aluminum strands in the sky. haha....
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    Posted by CircuitGuy 2 weeks, 6 days ago
    I think this is coming sooner or later. Geoengineering is too valuable not to do it. Right now we try to contain the costs of global warming by reducing emissions, but we can only slow down emissions and even if we stopped totally the world climate would still be changing, albeit slower, without human activities. There is a huge benefit to changing it in beneficial ways. It's very tricky because change benefits some and costs other. Even global warming, which is a huge net cost, is helping some places and activities. And of course, there's a huge risk of messing it up.

    But I think it's like world travel, IoT, and genetic engineering. When we have the capability, it will happen.
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