US Blacklists Largest Chinese Chipmaker, 60 Other Companies

Posted by freedomforall 4 months ago to Business
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"Commerce Department confirmed that it’s blacklisting Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. and more than 60 other Chinese companies “to protect U.S. national security."

The designation restricts companies from exporting U.S.-origin technology to the listed firms without a license, with a provision that effectively prohibits SMIC from acquiring technology to build chips with 10-nanometer circuits and smaller, the industry’s top class of chips.

"This action stems from China’s military-civil fusion doctrine and evidence of activities between SMIC and entities of concern in the Chinese military industrial complex,” the Commerce Department said in a statement.

"Entity List restrictions are a necessary measure to ensure that China, through its national champion SMIC, is not able to leverage U.S. technologies to enable indigenous advanced technology levels to support its destabilizing military activities," Wilbur Ross said in a statement provided to The Wall Street Journal."

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  • Posted by $ Dobrien 3 months, 4 weeks ago
    These blacklistedcompanies use slave labor. People are literally beaten to death on the job. We want to argue about who had been or who owned slaves Pre 160 years ago. Not a fuQing whisper from the left or the satanic looters about todays present slavery. Regular people in re-education camps swept up in the middle of the night placed certain district or Provence or region where there are 1,000,000+ political or religious captives. Btw it has been sad to see a once crown jewel in newspapers ...the WSJ reveal its globalist deep state narrative and ought right bias over the years . If fact a report came out about 500,000 captives. Forced in the fields to pick cotton. Here in 2020 this is happening again. Slaves picking cotton. What ever else those commie pigs were doing in regards to harm , hacking , stealing IP that was in this Trump administration action. This enslavement alone should be reason enough to Not support the enemy.
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  • Posted by $ BobCat 4 months ago
    China with its long arms and tentacles has woven its way into all aspects of the US economy and the Deep State, must be dealt with. Stop buying stuff made in China. Period. They are the enemy.
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  • Posted by 25n56il4 4 months ago
    We should be able to produce a lot of the technology and other materials we have been depending on China to produce. We owe them nothing! If they are going to spy on us we should not allow them to enter our country.
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