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Grifters: Con artists, those who steal via wit, trickery, or confusion. Usually, grifting involves petty crimes, preying on widows or young university freshmen/women. However, there is what the big time criminals call the long con in which millions and even billions can be involved. While the usual con requires only one or two grifters, the long con usually requires a larger number of people, sometimes, an entire family. Perfect examples of the long con can be seen by the antics of two prominent families, the Clintons, and the Bidens. They have become very rich by playing a series of con games upon the American public, using their status of top ranked politicians to cover their actions. (See above definition).Their power instills fear, which prevents most from prosecuting them. Many of those who have tried have found themselves politically ruined or financially destroyed. Even death by violence has been attributed to the Clintons. In the last few years we have become the land of the corrupt, the home of the con.

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