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I was listening to an interview of Ed Seykota recently. I had heard the name but hadn't really dug into his work until now. I thought of my fellow Objectivists and A.S. fans when he spoke. I see all over, including here, a desire to fix this clear decline of our nation. Thanks to Atlas Shrugged and some of my own experiences I've concluded that I can't fix it. But, I can get out of the way and even profit from it. I don't like profiting from it. But, it's not my fault. It's not your fault, either. Note his term "Govopoly".

Of course there's fraud in the election. Of course deficit spending is way out of control. Of course we'll continue to find our military in vague, expensive conflicts in the middle-east forever. Of course our schools are failing. How is the collapse handled in Atlas Shrugged? The Strike...was the original title of that book.

In listening to Ed speak was I was really grabbed by his attitude, as it reflects my attitude after years of reflection. He did not specifically state the problems I mention above - other than issues with the Fed, all the moral hazard that has resulted, and perhaps deficit spending. But, his approach to it all is a great example, I think. We should see much of what we complain about here as a natural transition. As Ed pointed out...we don't often see a currency that lasts much longer than a couple hundred years. Well, here we are. I have learned to stop worrying about it. It is "like a caterpillar transitioning into something else", like the death of a loved one...a natural occurrence. Rather than fret over it I have decided to be tactical, to adapt. Might that mean hiding in a valley in the mountains for a while as things come unraveled? Maybe. If so, I'll see you there.

To hear what Ed said see Episode 931 of Michael Covel's "Trend Following" Podcast. I think you guys will find it very interesting. And...I want to wish all of you guys a great 2021.

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