Controversial Bill Passed To Ban Chopping Off Kids' Legs If They Think They're A Mermaid.

Posted by $ allosaur 2 weeks, 6 days ago to Humor
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Now that intolerant crap has become a state law! For shame, Arkansas! For shame!
Y'all just read this heart-wrenching testimony~~
"I'll never forget the day my little daughter Belle was splashing around the tub and said, 'Look at me, Mommy! I'm a mermaid!'" said progressive mother and part-time librarian Zindy Derple. "I knew that day she was different. A mythical fish-creature trapped in a human girl's body!"
Hey, take this righteous swat, Arkansas! Hollywood has vowed never to film in your racist state ever again!
Among "Related Articles" in today's The Babylon Bee~~pious Catholic granny Nancy Pelosi passionately urges that any kid who can actually survive the gauntlet of either being aborted and also evading infanticide after that first attempt on their life truly deserves to vote by age 16 or even lower.
Also, Santa Clause has deservedly been accused of quid pro quo giving impressionable little children gifts in exchange for good behavior. That's what you get, Santa, for not teaming up with the Deep State. Just ask our glorious puppet president, Quid Pro Quo Beijing Joe.
In "Must Read," you must read the article entitled McDonald's Employee Fired For Asked If Happy Meal Toy Is For Boy Or Girl.
Well, good. The nerve of that unwoke racist jerk!

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