Mexico Installs Stairs To Keep Biden Out

Posted by $ allosaur 3 weeks, 5 days ago to Humor
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For ducking flying lead from the gunfights of competing drug and human trafficking cartels 83.7% of peaceful Mexicans (the other 16.3%) are in the cartels) who live near the border agree that the best known effective means to keep Obiden out of Mexico should be implemented. Why?
Mexico's President Orbrador said it best. "With the addition of these concrete stairs, our border has become completely impenetrable--for Biden at least. We will take them down as soon as shows he's serious about mitigating this growing crisis. Until then, keep out, Biden!"
In "Must Read" which should have been in The Babylon Bee's "Related Articles," take a gander at Sleepy Joe's laid wide open Day Planner.
In so-called "Related Articles" two shockers await to be read. In one scientists agree to follow the science that the world will globally warm to turn us all into toast when Jesus returns.
Even more shocking is the other 'un about Santa Coming Down A Chimney In Blackface. Hey, it's too late, Santa! Crying about there being no more chimney sweepers to clean chimneys ain't no excuse. Yeah, no excuse at all! You are hereby cancelled from Christmas for making an ash out of yourself--and especially of your racist face!

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