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I’m starting to believe that these things the democrats are bringing forth are for one reason, and that is flack and havoc created to take our attention off what is really going on and to keep us divided in every aspect of our being. Defund Police – Black Lives Matter – Obama - Antifa – No Masks – Virus – Masks - Vaccine – History Abolished – Mobs Tearing Down America’s Monuments – Country Being Torn Apart by Our Own People – Unity – National Anthem for Blacks and Another for Whites – Destruction of Property – Disrespect for Our Flag - The Clinton’s - Riots – Harvey Weinstein - Right vs Wrong – Clinton Foundation - Denigration of Great Presidents – Slavery – Jeffery Epstein – Palestinians – Israel - Restitution for Long Dead Slaves (now comparing it to restitution that was paid to living Americans of Japanese descent after WWII) – Open Borders – George Soros – Killing Small Business – John Kerry - Progressive Socialism – Jobs - Green Energy - Legalizing Drugs – Gun Control – Energy – Russia Hoax - Tearing up The Constitution – Busting up the Second Amendment - Free Stuff – Toilet Paper – Fracking - Bill Gates - One sided Censorship of Speech – Banning Fiction or Truth – Nuclear Iran - and on and on and on… . . . . . . It all seems to actually reinforce the idea that somehow they fear all or most of those that disagree with them, perhaps even many of their own. It makes little sense, why make everything so controversial and argumentative, even when we know it's right or wrong? Might it be to keep everyone so busy on those subjects so we don’t have time to investigate and expose what it’s really all about? It even alludes to their ability never to fix anything, they need this discention to make unkept promises and retain power. It puts a lot of credence into the conspiracy theories that some are exposing a lot of information about with actual facts you can mostly Google to verify. If it’s really gross and sickening it must just be a conspiracy theory, right?

Here is one of those theories, there are more, but they all seem to have a common theme so sick and so farfetched that if true it actually protects those that are guilty. It’s just short of three hours, but if you take it in bites of one each of the ten parts (about 18 minutes each) you might be able to stomach through it, but you’ve got to see it all the way to get a real picture. Caution, it kept me up all night.

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