President Trump's Speech of Dec23 2020 - Transcript

Posted by Lucky 1 year, 4 months ago to Politics
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This is a transcript made by an Australian journalist from the vid.
Unofficial of course but it does read as authentic with sufficient exclamation marks.

It is a quite good summary of the whole sorry story.

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  • Posted by GaryL 1 year, 4 months ago
    Can any of us imagine all the exploding heads if by any Constitutional means this election is either tossed in the trash where it belongs or overturned because of Democrat Fraud? Nancy Pelosi will have a very public meltdown same as the wicked witch of the west in OZ. That alone would give me a woody!
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  • Posted by $ allosaur 1 year, 4 months ago
    What has been done to this country turns my stomach.
    The massive fraud that corrupted the 2020 presidential election is one of the most terrible events in American history.
    Off and on throughout my 73 years, I've both read and heard it predicted that our Republic would eventually be brought down internally by an enemy within.
    Has "eventually" finally caught up to right here and now?
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  • Posted by Owlsrayne 1 year, 4 months ago
    The main stream media and tech media censored so much Trump, Republican and Covid related information to ensure a Biden win. There is no mention for cable and satellite communication companies deleted Fox and other pro-Trump news organizations from their line up. There was only one brief report that the motorhome that was blown up had been located at one of Dominion's server farms. Now, that report seems to have disappeared.
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  • Posted by 1 year, 4 months ago
    Zigmaster on joannenova

    From what I have read .. the Trump vote was way more than .. anticipated. They had prerigged the elections by providing false votes through the mail in ballots. However when it became obvious Trump was getting way more votes than anticipated they had to go for plan B which involved trucking in extra votes, hastily prepared .. .
    When preparing to defraud, the measures they took to stop the voting- send observers home, begin recounting and have virtually all the votes counted clandestinely for Biden created such red flags that the only way to commit such fraud and get away with it is to destroy all evidence, obstruct all enquiry, have a complicit judiciary , and media and generally stonewall until it becomes too late.
    If Trump would’ve got the original votes expected there would’ve been no need to turbocharge the fraud and bring it so much into the open.

    Yet even with such blatant cheating unless you read the JoNova website ( or similar information sites) you’d have no clue what’s going on.
    I think the fraud organisers had originally planned for Biden to make a gradual Vote by mail recovery as counting progressed which would’ve been less suspicious. However .. they had to orchestrate these midnight dumps to make up the unanticipated leeway or they would’ve run out of available votes to count.
    The other fraudulent activities that have been noted using the machines and lack of compliance are less obvious than the inexplicable midnight dumps. It is no coincidence that in Florida the count was completed very quickly and therefore could not be reversed by a midnight dump of votes. I have no doubt there was still widespread fraud attempted there but the result could not be reversed by a Plan B strategy. They just did not have the time to do anything about it. I also suspect that the Florida result also resulted in the fraudsters becoming more desperate to ensure that other states were then manipulated to get the right result.
    Consequently it became clear early in the election night that action had to be taken in other states thus trucks arriving in the middle of the night probably occurred in more than just one state.
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  • Posted by preimert1 1 year, 4 months ago
    Once again the Electoral College votes said it all:
    In 2016 Trump lost the popular vote by 2.7 million, but won in the Electoral College 304 to 277
    ;in 2020 Trump lost the popular vote by 47 million. and also lost in the EC 277 to 304. As they say in base ball, "We wuz robbed!"

    Some say the Constitution should be amended to get rid of the EC, but without it the concentration of population (deplorable weepers) in the megalopolises along the coasts would totally overwhelm the independent farmers in the "fly-over" states that feed them.
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