Would you Pardon Julian Assange?

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Julian Assange Has Formally Requested a Pardon From President Donald Trump.

Julian Assange has finally and officially appealed to President Trump for a pardon. Assange has been charged with the Espionage Act for publishing the war logs for the Iraq and Afghan War Logs. But, here is my question for you. How could Assange be guilty of these charges but Hillary is not? How many leaks has the NYT published? Even when the accusations were not true?

I wonder how Assange would show his appreciation. Would he reveal where the DNC emails came from? After all, if it was Seth Rich, he no longer needs protection. He would not be betraying anyone. In fact, it could lead to a thorough investigation into his death. I doubt the murder would then be solved but it would be a cloud over the DNC.

Julian Assange is now in a British prison cell, awaiting to see if he would be deported to the United States for trial. Time is running out for him even though people of all political spectrums would like to see him get a pardon with the exception of those DNC officials and supporters who do not want the truth to come out.
SOURCE URL: https://davidharrisjr.com/steven/julian-assange-has-formally-requested-a-pardon-from-president-donald-trump/

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