Welcome to Micromobility. Moooo. Moooo.

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"A piece in the trade journal Automotive News talks about something styled “micromobility” – which translated means an American take on the Chinese concept of mobility . . . circa 1970, when most Chinese used pedal power to get wherever they were headed. Which was necessarily not very far – and thus they were more readily corralled.

The American take on this concept 50 years later is the electric pedal bike, the so-called “e-bike.”

You can see these things in urban areas all over the country – as they are being heavily nudged via sweetheart contracts with the providers, who profit from a corollary campaign to kick cars out of urban areas via “road diets” (the reducing of traffic lanes, as from two to one each way so as to make traffic worse) and even by the outright elimination of asphalt for cars, replaced by “walkable” (and electric-pedal-bike-able) downtown cores.

It’s easier to corral the cattle this way.

Note that none of this is organic – the result of market forces, of people freely choosing that it makes sense. Instead it is being forced on the people, to thwart their free choice – of a piece with the “mandates” to wear the Holy Rag and (soon) the “mandate” to submit to a vaccination.

To several vaccinations – as there will be more than just one, once the principle is normalized that it is acceptable to force people to submit to this injection. To believe it will be limited to just this injection is to believe that allowing the government to tax one thing won’t mean it will tax other things.

But the cattle have difficulty seeing this, their vision being limited by the sight of the rear-end of the cow ahead of them.

These e-bikes, like pedal bikes, can only go so far – and not very fast. Most are limited to a speed about as fast a man can run – about 15 MPH – and have a range of about 20 miles.

This makes it hard to run away on one.

They also have the “advantage” – from a certain perspective – of being largely unusable in poor weather due to the exposure of the rider to the cold and wet and the inherent danger of riding anything on two wheels on the snow and ice.

Cars slide. Bikes topple over.

But sssssssaaaaaaaaaaaafety isn’t the point. Getting people out of cars – which enable them to escape the corral – is. The way this is being done is indirect and for that reason, ingenious. The car is not to be outlawed; much too noticeable, that. Instead, they are to be made so expensive and so inconvenient as to be no longer viable for the bipedal cattle.

You cannot drive what you cannot afford. This includes a house far away from the urban core cattle pen, which requires an income sufficient to be able to afford it, as opposed to the renting of a small apartment in the urban core cattle pen.

The WuFlu hysteria has made it very difficult for millions of people – most especially the young – to be able to afford anything more than a small apartment in the urban core cattle pen. It is hard to earn anything when you are debarred from working Because Corona. Actually – accurately – because of the totalitarian measures imposed using the pretext of Corona.

These measures – not “the virus”- are the cause of the economic ruination of the nation, though not of the big corporations who have massively benefitted from the economic ruination, which has served to enrich them while enserfing the population.

A majority of the young – which encompasses those pushing 40 – have never left home. Their parents’ home. They can afford that . . . until their parents no longer can. Then they will need “housing” – which will not be a house at all but rather an apartment, probably shared with others, in the urban core cattle pen.

They will still need to get to their neo-feudal job, of course. And so they will share – not own – a community bike, electrically powered – because many are so obese they cannot pedal one the distance.

They will pay each time they use it. Or rather, a certain sum will be deducted from their Universal Basic Income each time they use it. Which they will be permitted to do so long as they are good bipedal cattle, obediently “masked” and vaccinated. If not, their UBI will be withdrawn and they will have to walk.

If they’re allowed to do that. If there’s anywhere they’re allowed to go. If there’s anything they’re still allowed to do.

This is the micromobility of Chinese America 2030."
SOURCE URL: https://www.ericpetersautos.com/2020/12/03/welcome-to-micromobility/

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  • Posted by $ BobCat 1 month, 1 week ago
    As History repeats over and over, the Cattle and Sheeple willingly, with a grinning smile, and without question, blindly obey their masters.
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