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  • Posted by Lucky 1 year ago
    Good. Strong agreement from me, a cupla comments:

    reverse the Industrial Revolution This is a continuing theme in all this wokist/progressive/ left/ green agitation. But note this only applies to western countries, China (etc.) is entirely exempt. The West (the USA as exemplar) has certain characteristics, not so much the individual, capitalism, democracy, equality, justice, but productivity. It is our productivity that makes the high standard of living of even the poor possible.

    The sweeping away the private health insurance industry
    I think, no. I may be wrong but the beneficiary is the insurance industry and big health/hospital/pharma orgs and unions. This is not socialism or communism even tho' the language is, it is identitarianism/ fascism, state control is quite thorough, it does not require ownership. A better word for state here could be Deep State, the Soviets called it the Nomenclatura.
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  • Posted by 25n56il4 1 year ago
    Well don't blame the kids. Blame the educators. Since the Dept of Education went into effect everything has been about Unions and salaries. No interest in teaching youngsters to learn about their country.
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  • Posted by j_IR1776wg 1 year ago
    The answer to the question - can a free or even semi-free people vote themselves into slavery? is a great big yes! All it took was the Plato-Kant-Marx philosophy axis to deny the existence of Reason in principle and John Dewey to crush the minds of children in practice grotesquely by perverting the definition and meaning of education. The earlier in life one can destroy little minds, the more they will be obedient slaves in adulthood.
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