General Flynn talks for the first time but don’t skip General McInerney

Posted by $ Dobrien 1 month, 3 weeks ago to History
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I posted about “the Hammer” and CIA whistleblower Montgomery with A video interview with Dave Janda a couple of years ago. All I can say is there are hundreds who should be drawn and Quartered. We are at war in this country and the military is and will be involved. Good vs Evil. Bill Gates May get some population control but not as he expects it. Capital Punishment!

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  • Posted by Lucky 1 month, 3 weeks ago
    Some thoughts provoked by this thread from Dobrien-

    It has been done before, in the US, but not on this scale. Every which way (thanks allosaur).
    Now just thinking about the voting machines, the internet, the live connections, it is up-to-date control system operations in real time. Need more votes? Ok stand by, on their way. Done by continuous monitoring, algorithms that compute how many more needed, and then supply. No actual phone calls needed, all automated.
    It was almost undetectable, but the scale of the move to Trump meant that bigger chunks of supply had to be provided than was envisaged.
    Joe Public in front of the TV screen was not intended to see such large chunks, his brain vaguely registered a number for Trump, a number for Joe, then on the next blink, the number for Trump was (not two or twenty but) 5,000 lower and Joe's was higher by that same amount. Blink! What! Enough people saw it and remembered, vids recorded it, a NYT live feed showed it. Show me (ahm frm missoura) how can a legit system do that....

    So what is to be done? Has a crime been committed? Can a crime be proven even if it can not be pinned on a perpetrator? What redress can be ruled by a court? What sort of evidence is needed for a court to act? There are so many questions.

    Anger is the right emotion, hangings etc. But more important is right action, sort out this one, get it right next time.

    I am not generally a conservative, but in voting rules I am a real dyed-in-the-wool fuddy-duddy:
    no machines, no computers for live operation, no internet connection, you can find straightforward people who can be trusted but you design the system to minimize that need. Human hands, pen and paper, at least two observers, it can be done, takes longer maybe, but so what? Fast processes get it right first time, should not rely on audits or checks but on system integrity, (quality to be built-in, not inspected in as Dr Deming told us 70 years ago).
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