Crowder NAILS it (startint at about 20:00)

Posted by CaptainKirk 1 year ago to Politics
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THIS my friends is the data the media SHOULD be giving us. BUT ARE NOT!

Yes, 77% of Precincts did not balance in Wayne County. But here is a better question?
What's Balancing and by How much?

Oh... You see, Many Biden precincts averaged 15-20% voter turnout. Trump precincts 84%.
And "NEW Precincts" to account for over 100,000 ballots, with 0 registered voters had a HUGE turnout.
Enough to switch the election. With no justification or KNOWLEDGE of who the voter is.

Don't worry folks, we will FIND voters to assign them to!

And then still some precincts had 200% or higher voter turnout.

But NOTHING strange went on. That's why we didn't need MONITORS!

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  • Posted by Idiocracy42 1 year ago
    This is not the evidence you're looking for...
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    • Posted by 1 year ago
      No, this is the REPORTING I am looking for.

      A more specific statement might help.
      But if these are the reported TOTALS that the 2 republicans REFUSED to sign off about...

      I would completely agree.

      Ballots should match to voters.
      And for the record, ONE form of audit is WHEN the ballot was matched to the voter. (What came first, the voter, or the ballot, what got processed by the scanner first?) Because BALLOTS should NEVER be scanned before the voter is clocked in.

      UNASSIGNED Voters, and OVER VOTING are HUGE problems in ballot stuffing.

      And finally, it's not about Evidence... It is about INFORMATION... What information does the media have easy access to, that they simply refuse to report on. Why is a COMEDY show having to do ANY of this?

      But honestly... More info would be nice...
      These are QUESTIONABLE Things that SOMEONE should be reporting on, and looking into.

      And NOT accepting "That's just the way we do it!" like I've watched them do in Broward County, FL for YEARS
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