Michigan Witness Says Many Faked Ballots in Detroit

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"Another witness to Michigan Voter Fraud in Wayne County has come forward to share her story, Hima Kolanagireddy has said that she observed the ballot count and never saw a single Trump ballot raising suspicions that the vote was fraudulent.

Witness Kolanagireddy described illegal ballots and actions in Wayne County that delivered the Michigan election from Donald Trump to Joe Biden.

She saw ballots that were marked in such a way that should have disqualified them from being processed, but were counted anyway. “Everytime they would scan the ballot, nothing would come up in the system,” she said. The system was the qualified voter file which is the registration of legal voters. “They were entering names of people manually and assigning them a poll number.”

The observed ballots were missing a date of birth, required under state law. When she brought this up to the proper authorities on site, they told her that the Clerk’s office had already made sure that all of the ballots were valid before they were sent. Later they told her, according to Kolanagireddy’s statement, that the Wayne County Clerk’s office had verified a birthdate on a ballot that had none, for a voter who was not in the qualified voter file.

“We were told the Clerk’s office verified both the signature and date of birth for ballots that did not have them,” she said. Kolanagireddy noticed the same exact signature on many of these illegal ballots.

“I took one step forward to see the dates on the ballots, they said November, space, no date, then 2020.” Upon asking the supervisor about these undated and improperly dated ballots, Kolanagireddy was told “they were just doing their job.”

Kolanagireddy reports seeing sequential ballots that were suspicious and obviously false and asking herself, “How are the numbers all next to one another? Something is not going right here. Identical signatures? No dates? And now the same series of voters, all voting for Biden?”

These ballots were all tabulated according to Kolanagireddy. “I never saw a single vote for Trump. Even the military ballots were all for Biden. We were four people who went, and only one of us saw a Trump ballot in the two days we were there.” Supervisors refused to record the lawful challenges by Kolanagireddy. "
SOURCE URL: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/11/michigan-witness-many-faked-ballots-detroit-zero-trump-ballots-even-among-military/

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