Slow Joe Now Runs Some Ooo Eee "Office of the President Elect"

Posted by $ allosaur 1 week, 1 day ago to Humor
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And I'm a real me dino who drives a chariot pulled by singing unicorns.
Yet good golly check out that stately sign behind Slow Joe behind hm in the photo and the other on his podium.
Bet We The People paid for that claptrap.
#1 Slow Joe is not President Elect. Fake News merely made that unofficial proclamation so me dino could turn on my TV to see Chuck Schumer dancing with his creepy smile. You can bet a repulsed me dino immediately switched from Fox News to OAN to find out what could make Snake Face dance amid dancing young sheeple.
#2 There is no and never has been any Office of the President Elect! For a senile old fool's delusion? Yes, I suppose. Yet consider all the other dim Dems close to Slow Joe and helping out with that!
Wow, for some reason me dino can't quite put a talon on, I'm suddenly recalling the "Ministry Of Silly Walks."

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