Time for a New Declaration

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"Here's a serious question. Have we passed that Rubicon in America beyond which it is no longer possible to pretend the American government is legitimately representing the people? I know that question is on a lot of Americans' minds these days, and I think it speaks volumes about our brewing crisis that none of our elected leaders has even attempted to acknowledge, let alone address, the growing unease outside the capital. People are arming up right now in record numbers not because of hunting season; they're buying weapons because their instincts tell them America is on the brink. But if America is on the brink, the D.C. Leviathan seems unsympathetic or unaware. That makes for an awfully dangerous situation.

Doesn't it feel as though we've been here before? An out-of-touch capital far removed from American life starts imposing its will on ordinary folk until enough Americans who desire only to be left alone finally dig in their heels, embrace their independent spirits, and refuse to be subjects of an unjust government any longer. The British Parliament gave us the Stamp Act in 1765 and the Townshend Acts in '67, and after the Boston Massacre in '70, the Tea Party in '73, and the Intolerable Acts of '74, the tinderbox finally exploded at Lexington and Concord in April of '75. Revolution began. A decade is all it took.

Ten years ago, millions of furious Americans began protesting the federal government's suicide pact forced upon the states in the forms of our untenable national debt and the Democrats' insistence on burdening future generations with even more unfunded liabilities arising from government-run health care and other new entitlements. "Tea Parties" sprang up across the country to draw attention to the ticking financial time bomb hanging over us all. Obama mocked them. The media pretended they were dangerous. Nobody listened to their pleas. So they set to work flipping first the House and then the Senate for the Republicans. When that didn't work, they voted in an "outsider" president who took both parties by surprise.

Instead of learning from the moment and recognizing that a significant portion of the electorate had become so fed up with the federal government that it essentially decided to call in a Wild West sheriff to clean house, the self-installed and self-replicating bureaucracy chose instead to sabotage the elected president every step of the way. Now those same fed up Americans are told they must accept the results of a highly suspicious national election in which the incumbent president won a record number of votes and almost all traditional bellwether counties but came up short against the unprecedented use of mail-in balloting from a handful of Democrat-controlled counties to capture battleground states well after Election Day.

Americans worked within the system for change, and the system changed the rules under the pretext of a health emergency. When those Americans protest, their voices are censored, and their livelihoods are threatened. There is a presumption among Obama Democrats and Big Government Republicans that Americans who take their freedoms seriously will simply roll over and obey if they are increasingly attacked, punished, and ignored.

If "taxation without representation" was enough to boil the blood of American patriots two hundred and fifty years ago, I have my doubts that "socialism without representation" will fare much better with their descendants.

It is the height of irony that an American system of government that arose from rebellion against the unchecked demands of an insular ruling class seems intent on planting the seeds for rebellion once again. How else can one describe this moment in history when the American government and the American people are heading in different directions?

According to some polling, less than half the country believes that the election for president was "free and fair." Democrat mayors and governors have once again begun flexing powers they do not possess in order to shutter businesses and trample civil liberties in ways that would have seemed unfathomable to Americans not long ago. And elected Democrats and their supporters in the media and business communities openly make lists of ordinary Americans they deem worthy of harassment and persecution. These threats to liberty should shock the consciences of true friends of freedom everywhere.

Twenty-five years ago, the witty and prescient Claire Wolfe offered some wisdom that resonated with a lot of people: "America is at that awkward stage," she wrote. "It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." I'm sure you've seen those words, and I'm sure you laughed, but I bet you also wondered when the shooting would actually begin. An awful lot has happened since then. Matt Drudge burst onto the scene, shattered the left's monopoly over journalism for a time, and then joined forces with the left himself. Republican honchos like Michael Steele and Bill Kristol decided that the best way to protect Republican voters from themselves was to repeatedly stab them in the back, and Fox News created an unbridled outlet for conservative points of view before taking a hard turn toward bend-the-knee, kiss-the-ring champagne socialism. The great majority of Americans have pleaded for sensible immigration reforms, trade policies that benefit workers at home, and an end to "endless wars," but the American government has pursued the opposite agenda. American technology giants emerged to expand the flow of information and the free expression of ideas before transforming into filters of information and suppressors of ideas. And Big Media, Big Tech, and Big Government conspired repeatedly for four years to remove an American president because he challenged the establishment status quo. I wonder what stage Ms. Wolfe thinks we've entered now.

Perhaps it's time to follow in the footsteps of the wise generation of men and women who first fought for our freedoms by setting forth our grievances in the kind of formal writing that might make it clear to those who wish to rule over us that our patience has run its course — a declaration, if you will, that states plainly our belief that just power comes only from the consent of those governed. A free people should expect nothing less. A government truly "of the people" should insist upon it."
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  • Posted by upston 1 day, 3 hours ago
    I like to read the forum but don't post a lot, Nothing else to say usually BUT FFA has hit it on the head.

    Yes we crossed the Rubicon and unlike Big JC we have 70,000,000 in the army. What we need is a peaceful path forward and that is a new political party to replace the failed republicans. Lincoln wiped the Wigs out of power in one cycle and Trump must do it now.
    I have heard all the arguments for working within the existing structure and agreed for a long time but that dog won't hunt any longer. If your not there yet

    As Ms Rand said " Check you premises"
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  • Posted by $ Ben_C 1 day, 2 hours ago
    Agree 110%.
    Last night Mark Levin clarified the election process per the Constitution. The ONLY body that can change the rules are State Legislators - NOT the courts or attorney generals.
    One can make a very strong argument that the whole election should be declared null and void and should be redone. If this goes to the Supreme Court and if they abide by the Constitution then it will be a redo.
    I too sense that true Americans are fed up and it may get really ugly for awhile. Capitalism or socialism - I chose capitalism.
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    • Posted by lrshultis 23 hours, 2 minutes ago
      Choose freedom and the only '-ism' which does not end in involuntary or voluntary slavery. It should not be a choice of whether one '-ism' is much less destructive than another.
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  • Posted by GaryL 1 day, 3 hours ago
    Our problems are caused more by those who we elect and continue to reelect. There is a list out now showing all the republican RINO officials who are insisting that Trump concedes. The list has 20-25 republican elected critters on it so far with all the usual suspects and then some. Romney, Murkowski, Collins all whom we continue to support but who do not support us. We are the idiots here and don't forget this. A third political party led by Trump is my hope because there simply is no difference between R & D political parties. They are all a bunch of self centered bastards in it for only themselves and their crony pals. We the People, well over 70+ million of us, must soon come to our senses and stand in complete resistance of those who fail to honor their oath of office. All Enemies, both foreign and domestic must be eliminated from the government bureaucracy. All businesses, Big Media, Big Tech, Big Pharma and any others who indiscreetly support this path toward socialism should be rejected with every fiber of our being. Forget about your bullets but use your dollars to win this war. They all rely upon our hard earned money to thrive in this future world so simply spend your money where it does We the People the most good.
    Fox news can dry up and blow away for all I care! Twitter, FB and Google can follow with them. Amazon can go belly up along with Apple, AT&T and Verizon. If we lack other outlets then just build them quickly such as Parler, One America News and NewMax and a few other conservative leaning entities. When these companies start seeing their market shares dwindle they will rethink their bottom line money grab schemes. I believe we are a long way from 1775 where guns and ammo are the answer but that day is coming if we don't make some serious changes very soon. I just don't see our rivers running red but I would love to see numerous fat cat businesses doing so and quickly. The power of the purse is stronger than the power of our arms in today's world but rest assured there will be huge attempts to disarm us as sure as I am typing this response. Ask yourselves if you honestly think our law enforcement and military will stand with us or against us as things deteriorate. When or if the SHTF I have to wonder.
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    • Posted by 1 day ago
      I couldn't agree more, GaryL. The betrayal of the people by both parties is a common theme in many of my posts here over the past 8 years.
      The managers of 2 parties control nearly every candidate that appears on the ballots for con-gress and they only support candidates that they can control. The people are not considered and have virtually no input into what candidates and who ultimately serves in con-gress. Anyone who says that we get the con-gress we deserve is either (1) not aware of how it works, (2) not paying attention or is unable to understand how it works, or (3) is actively betraying the people by spreading misinformation.
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      • Posted by GaryL 1 day ago
        YUP! I refuse to ever be a D and I also refuse to assign my allegiance to the party of R. That makes me an Independent but it makes me feel like a "Post Turtle". My feet can't touch to get me off one way or the other. A third party would give me the traction I so desire.
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    • Posted by mccannon01 1 day, 1 hour ago
      Nicely expressed, GaryL. I've been following your plan of moving my spending and attentions elsewhere, but as you point out it will take millions of us to make these moves together before any changes take place. Also, RINO Republicans get elected because their districts happen to be more R than D and they are the only choice. Genuine Republicans need to primary against these RINOs and win.
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      • Posted by GaryL 1 day ago
        Follow the money and where it comes from! Genuine republicans can't get the funding from the corrupt RNC to make much difference against RINO republicans. They are entrenched and just as corrupt as any democrats. A third viable party would toss a big monkey wrench into all of this.
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  • Posted by jdg 1 day, 3 hours ago
    The shooting has now started - by BLM/Antifa terrorists - but still only by one side, except for a few victims like Kyle Rittenhouse, and then the corrupt system railroads them while letting their attackers walk.

    I believe it's time to quietly organize, not vigilante groups (because it's unlikely anyone gets away with that), but group(s) to provide bail and legal assistance to surviving victims of this terror, since the bad guys already have similar systems in place to help their own side, which shows they intend to do a lot more of the same.

    Beyond that we've got to be patient and let the enemy "fire on Fort Sumter" first, to make sure we get the moral support that ultimately wins modern wars.
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  • Posted by mccannon01 2 days, 7 hours ago
    Excellent article.

    On the side and slightly related I just saw a little ditty about Don Trump Jr., who tested positive for C-19. He said he will be now be able to spend some of his quarantine time cleaning his guns, LOL.
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  • Posted by edweaver 2 days, 18 hours ago
    Yup, we are at about 1770 in my estimation. Trump wins and we tread water. Loses and we are rapidly approaching 1775. It's either that or fail into socialism and I can't live in those conditions. It will kill me one way or another.
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  • Posted by CaptainKirk 16 hours, 17 minutes ago
    Absolutely. But I would like one premised in REMOVING lawyers from the process, and limiting courts. Activist Judges should face penalties.
    Like every time their case is over turned by SCOTUS, they should lose 20% of their salaries, forever. And the calculation is based on their BASE salary, so 5 strikes and they get paid ZERO.

    I would also like to see, LYING to the American Public as an office holder be a crime (think Adam Schiff). In fact, it should be Treason to do what he did! It was CERTAINLY OBSTRUCTION of the Executive Branch.

    Everyone in office, CANNOT RUN for a DIFFERENT OFFICE while in Office, and they CANNOT quit their office to run for another position.

    No Campaign Ads!. One "ShitTube" channel will be provided for them to post their videos to. With Regional Tags, and their job is to get viewers to support them.

    All Campaign Contributes must come ONLY From people eligible to VOTE for you. No Corporate money, No Lobbying money, nothing. And CERTAINLY none of this crap that you have to raise MONTHLY $ to be on certain committees! What BS. They are working FOR themselves.

    Any person self dealing, or family dealing (like Biden) will cause the entire enterprise to be JAILED. And stripped of 10X the value of any imapproriate dealings.

    Laws to be simplified, like "Fraud On Creditors" is. Or "Insurance Fraud" is. There is no need for 20,000 ways to screw someone to be documented as 20,000 specific laws.

    And the NEXT Constitution should read clearly:
    Because we TOOK THE TIME to construct SPECIFIC Restrictions on the government: You are NOT ALLOWED to re-interpret what the words mean in todays terms. Freedom of the Press meant PHYSICAL Printing Presses, not a Press Corps.

    I could go on.

    I always thought we should OPEN SOURCE a new constitution. It would lock these bastards down really hard.
    So hard, in fact, that we will offer them Euthanasia after their terms are up to save face (at least the current groups).

    But I might be a little angry right now... LOL
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  • Posted by starznbarz 20 hours, 50 minutes ago
    I wrote this piece in 2015, if the communists take power in January, it will be just as valid as it was then - The Founders footsteps are the Patriots path.

    Weve been here once before, weve been given the tools to insure this Republic, this unapologetic demand for Liberty, once won, is never surrendered – or usurped.

    We have allowed our government – OUR employees, to put those tools on display to give the impression we still have them, they are showcased in a locked box we can see through, but not access. The tools are described by politicians with a lofty arrogance designed to convince us we still hold the power to wield the tools, yet the keys to the box have been buried under decades of political lust for power – look, but dont touch, we, your leaders know whats best.We have been satisfied with the blankets and shiny glass once used to strip other Americans of their rights and Liberty. Shame on us.The Founders cut a path through the dense forest of tyranny, they cut it one step, one fight at a time. The footprints began with Americans gathering to talk about the storm they saw brewing, the wrongs they were enduring, it did not begin with a path to arms – ours should not either.The Founders footsteps took them down a long path, beginning some 20 years before the culmination of events in 1776, we are obliged to follow their lead, to exhaust every option before we stand in the final footstep, the path that leads to the last tool we are obligated to use – the one that simply says no more, it stops here and now.

    We`re not there, the rule of law established and purchased with blood demands we act according to the standards and honor of the Americans that cut the path for us.

    We have footsteps to follow on our path, until we can unite in our communities and with one voice, backed up with gathering at our representatives offices, homes and businesses to demand they enforce the law as written, demand they acknowledge they are simply employees and not authorized to act without the consent of their employers, until we can follow those first, tentative steps, we have no business following the rest of the path the Founders footsteps lead to.

    Our path differs from the Founders only in the speed of the tyranny being mounted against the Republic, that means if we continue to sit back and refuse to act , we lose the only established Constitutional Republic in the world – want to explain that to your children, your grandchildren? (assuming you are allowed to speak of Liberty by then)

    We have witnessed attacks on this Republic in the last 10 years that have reversed 230 years of Liberty, all three branches of government are now very comfortable with ignoring written, settled law, publicly mocking the citizens of this Republic that would have them obey the law and imposing their radical communist / marxist / socialist agenda on the whole of the population.

    Congress refuses to act as clearly instructed by the electorate, the executive branch publicly and proudly states it will do as it pleases, the judicial branch – the ones to whom the responsibility to guarantee Constitutional compliance of the other two, simply creates new meanings of clearly written law, or establishes rights not theirs to give.

    WE are the rule of law, it is our RESPONSIBILITY to require our representatives strictly adhere to it – we have shirked our responsibility and we are seeing the results of it.

    Now is the time to find the folks around you that will stand, they are out there. Find them, join them and stand in the footsteps provided to you. It is your responsibility. (edited to remove image symbols in text)

    The Founders footsteps are the Patriots path. Will we follow those honorable footsteps, or are we content to let the forest of tyranny grow over the path to Liberty?
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  • Posted by LarryHeart 1 day, 3 hours ago
    It has been too late to fix the country within the broken system for quite a while. Shooting the bastards (e.g. electing replacements) without changing the system will result in the same corrupted swamp people because the Political Parties still remain.

    President George Washington warned us not to allow Political Parties or factions because all they would do is fight for power and the people's business would not be taken care of.
    The only way to stop the current monarchy of the Democrat and Republican Royal Couple is to call a convention of the states and Repeal the Amendments that broke our constitution and replace them with ones that remove all Communist and socialist ones. We also need a system of constitutional American values to replace the God given ones that half the country has replaced with kowtowing to virtue signaling based on foreign values. . . See here:

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