Everything You Don't Want to Know About Covid Vaccines

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But these are the first mRNA vaccines ever seeking approval for human use, and so there are no long-term studies of what might go wrong down the road.

One concern is the possibility that mRNA vaccines could trigger a generalized immune response (interferon, etc.) rather than just a specific immune response to a specific virus (antibodies, etc.).

Our immune system is extremely complex and I make no claim to have a complete understanding of it. That said, the immune system has several levels of response. A conventional vaccine triggers the production of a specific antibody that "recognizes" a specific invader. In other cases, the immune system can activate an "all hands on deck" generalized response.

The danger is that the mRNA could trigger an "all hands on deck" response that could then cascade into autoimmune disorders in which the immune system goes haywire and starts attacking the body's own cells rather than limiting its destructive capabilities to foreign viruses, bacteria, etc.

One of my MD correspondents recently sent me an email which encapsulates these concerns.

"I've been reading about the Pfizer vaccine.

I've known for a while that it is an mRNA vaccine but it just hit me that it will be the first mRNA vaccine ever approved for human use.

If COVID was a 'Steven King' (kills-everyone) virus, sure, go for it--prevent the deaths and take what comes.

But mortality is low, acute treatments are improving, transmission is preventable, and the greatest risk now appears to be longer term morbidity.

mRNA vaccines by the very nature of their components elicit an interferon response that triggers generalized autoimmunity. This may, in fact, be part of the mechanism of longer term morbidity associated with COVID infection.

Mass introduction of mRNA strands into the populations may indeed reduce acute COVID morbidity and mortality, but how many autoimmune complications will result?

No one knows.

It's never been done before--ever.

It would take years of carefully controlled and limited trials across all ethnic groups to find out.

Is the net good from a vaccine that fewer people die up front but a whole lot more folks suffer long term problems on the back end--especially (as seems likely) boosters will be required.

Shouldn't there be a discussion before 'immunity passports' are mandated?

For that matter, shouldn't we discover how long natural immunity lasts before trying to provoke induced immunity?

I'm dumbstruck that, with the proposed approval timetable, this path is even being considered at a population level, let alone considered without an extensive discussion.

First do no harm."
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  • Posted by sharky701 3 days, 18 hours ago
    First I wanna say, FUCK their vaccine eternally, endlessly, and may GOD soon end this sickening shit show.

    After looking up the stuff these vaccines are made of, I am absolute disgusted and sickened that anyone would ever think of making said Frankenstein bullshit.

    Abortion IS the murder of babies, and now they use the various parts of these murdered HUMAN babies, to make cocktails of un-natural DNA stuff and then want the rest of us to inject this shit stew into our bodies?

    Seems like a superfucked way into forced cannibalism to me, and a complete crime against humanity, nature and GOD.

    What's next, we just kill babies, throw them into a blender and make soylent smoothies?

    What they are pushing is NOT science, it's cannibalism by injection of murdered baby soup.

    Whatever happened to eating a healthy variety of fruits & veggies, drinking plenty of clean water, and being healthy through a natural diet and physical activity?
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