An hour-long non-partisan deep discussion about current events (from 3 years ago)

Posted by SilentScream 2 months, 1 week ago to Culture
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This guy is freakin' brilliant and on point IMO. A few months ago I shared a video on here by this guy on "neuro-hacking" (how to de-bug that electromagnetic machine that runs our anti-entropy meat-suits) that at least one other person here at the Gulch really enjoyed. Now that I'm checking out more by him again, he's still blowing my mind, so I just wanted to share this especially good discussion.

Like many in "these uncertain times", I'm just looking for those who have a less-narrow and way better informed, way more thought-through view than I do & thoughts that might lead to more thoughts ("Trees grow on growth"). ...not un-like the "hooks" that bring you back to the songs, movies, & books that resonate the most & come back to mind on their own. It may not be a very tangible compass to navigate by, but it at least keeps life deeply interesting.

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