National Election Fraud: Evidence of National Chicanery During America’s 2020 Presidential Election

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Great summaries of Election Fraud 2020

The General Landscape of American Election Fraud
The media is trying to weave a narrative with ever-shifting goalposts. They began by saying that not only did voter fraud not happen, but that it’s impossible. Now, they have shifted their story to saying that there is always minor fraud, but that it never really matters much.

The Heritage Foundation has identified 1,200 elections where voter fraud made the difference in recent decades long after the era of Jim Crow when election theft was de rigueur. Of these, fully 15 were thrown out specifically because of cheating by mail-in ballot.

Mail-in ballots are largely banned in Europe, where voter ID requirements are likewise the norm. Florida has been recognized specifically as an offender.

Another narrative in the controlled media is that illegal aliens and other non-citizens don’t vote. This is patently untrue. In fact, they vote at alarmingly high rates. A 2019 study found that approximately 2.2 percent of respondents admitted to voting illegally, which implies a little under a million ballots cast by non-citizens every year.

The counterargument is that respondents are either lying or misunderstood the question, but this is simply not true — those who conducted the study verified their votes.

So we can see that electoral fraud is not only impossible, it is common. It is not negligible, it has determined elections in living memory. With this as our backdrop, we will now investigate voter irregularities throughout the nation during the 2020 Presidential election.

What Constitutes Evidence of Electoral Fraud?
Before going further, it is worth discussing what constitutes evidence for electoral fraud. Well, the Carter Center has a set of standards that they use to determine whether or not there has been electoral fraud somewhere.

These are the standards used by globalists to determine whether or not elections they disapprove of have been conducted fraudulently. Several of them are present in the contested states:

Counting procedures should be verifiable.
Votes should be presented for independent review.
Elections should be subject to recounts.
Additionally, the Carter Center states that it is the right of dissidents to challenge and question the results of an election that they believe to be fraudulent. Harassing dissidents is considered evidence of chicanery in and of itself.

“Effective redress” is the term they use and it is considered by the Carter Center to be vital for establishing an election as legitimate. The resistance of the Democratic Party to recounts and audits should be a red flag in and of itself.

There are also mathematical anomalies that are worth looking into because, regardless of turnout and outcome, elections will follow certain patterns. One of these is that, because of mail sorting, mail-in ballots will consistently show the same ratio of support for each candidate. We did not see that, however — there is a significant spike in support for Biden and fall off in support for President Trump as Election Night dragged on.

Indeed, in Wisconsin, this anomaly became massive around 4 a.m., the same time that the massive ballot drops without supervision began. The same phenomenon occurred in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia, all four of these states with copious amounts of electoral chicanery and irregularity. Virginia was another state with similar mathematical irregularities.

Benford’s Law is another area where we see mathematical irregularities. Put simply: When we have large datasets of numbers, there is a pattern we can find with regard to the final and penultimate digit of each number in this data set.

Benford’s Law analysis is one of the first things run by forensic accountants looking for financial malfeasance or tax cheating.

Many of the electoral tallies in disputed states violate Benford’s Law — but only for Joe Biden, whose distribution more closely resembles the curve when people type “random” numbers in. President Trump, Jo Jorgensen, Howie Hawkins, and Kanye West’s numbers do not violate this law, but former Vice President Biden’s do in disputed areas.

The Wikipedia article about Benford’s Law was altered and locked after several enterprising Twitter users began investigating this strand of the 2020 election theft.
The Glitch From Coast to Coast
One recurring theme throughout the 2020 election is the glitch. There have been a number of glitches, many detailed in our series on irregularities in different states. This, in and of itself might not be cause for concern — however, in every case, these so-called “software glitches” favor former Vice President Biden at the expense of President Donald Trump.

Again, we have detailed these in our state series article, but we will mention some here just to give you a general idea of what has been going on with these “glitches.”

One in Michigan sent 6,000 votes to Biden that were meant for Donald Trump. Another in Wisconsin, robbed Donald Trump of 19,500 votes. Another similar glitch in Georgia saw an unspecified number of votes go to Biden that were, once again, meant for the President.

There appears to be a pattern here. Were these all bona fide mistakes, we would likely find votes that were meant to go for Joe Biden going to Donald Trump before the situation was corrected. But we are unaware of any such error in favor of the President.

The common denominator? The voting software used to calculate the vote made by a company with deep connections to the DNC.
The Turnout That Wasn’t
The DNC’s victory in the 2020 Presidential election relies heavily upon a massively increased turnout, again centered around a handful of large cities controlled by the Democratic Party. One example of this is 90 percent turnout in the entire State of Wisconsin, which would not only be the highest level of turnout in American history, but also comes close to the 92 percent average in Australia where voting is mandatory. In the city of Milwaukee alone, the turnout was 84 percent.

Compare this turnout to Cleveland, a culturally comparable city not in a swing state, which had a comparatively scant 51 percent turnout. This is an important city to draw a contrast with because, while it is a Democratic stronghold, as are most large cities, and it has a similar minority population, it was not in a state that was considered in play this election. Democrats attempted to steal the election by fabricating astronomical turnout in urban areas they control in swing states.

The turnout gambit becomes even more laughable when one considers that Biden is one of the least invigorating Democratic candidates since John Kerry or Mike Dukakis. Yet somehow this candidate was able to increase his vote above what Barack Obama enjoyed, with some districts in Milwaukee putting up more votes than there are registered voters in the area.

A broad study conducted by Judicial Watch found that 353 counties across 29 states had turnout exceeding 100 percent of registered voters. Eight of these had turnout exceeding 100 percent across the entire state: Alaska, Colorado, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

Perhaps more damning, the study was limited to 37 states publishing their voter registration data. This means that, of the 37 states that Judicial Watch had access to, 78 percent of them had turnout exceeding 100 percent.

Continue to read the article linked in the title.
SOURCE URL: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2020-11-16/national-election-fraud-evidence-national-chicanery-during-americas-2020

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  • Posted by 1 week ago
    Fight Back to Save America

    Don’t let any of this get you down, because the fight is far from over. Both President Trump and Congressional Republicans are working hard, both in the public sphere and in the courts to make sure that the 2020 election is fair and transparent.

    So what can you do to join in the fight?

    First, you should call your elected representatives. That means calling your state rep, your state senator, your House Rep and your U.S. Senator. You should do this be they friend or foe — either way, they need to know that you insist on having all legal votes counted. Insist on concrete steps to ensure the integrity of the vote. Do not settle for stock answers about the importance of democracy. A Twitter account has made what is actually a very good script for you to follow when you call in. Be firm, but polite. https://twitter.com/VaultTrump/status...

    If you want to take to the streets, there are opportunities. Stop The Steal https://stopthesteal.us/ is the movement dedicated to putting bodies in the streets of our nation’s state capitals to let our elected officials know that we are not going to stand for seeing our elections stolen in a manner befitting Zimbabwe. There are almost daily rallies at the state capitol building and the TFC Center in Detroit. What’s more, a nationwide rally in DC called the Million MAGA March is scheduled for November 14. The Democratic government of Washington, DC has responded with new COVID restrictions designed to cripple the march.

    What can you do? Quite a lot. Nothing less than the future of the country is at stake. If they can steal this election, don’t expect another one to be free and fair. But do expect a lot of gun grabs and speech laws.

    The link for the entire excellent article is:
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    • Posted by term2 6 days, 3 hours ago
      I dont think this election cant be salvaged. We need a NEW election without the mail in votes, and requiring ID in person.

      The mail in ballots, once the signed envelopes are tossed , cant be checked for validity anymore.
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      • Posted by 6 days, 2 hours ago
        I agree that there isn't any way that this election can be counted fairly. I don't see any law that can force a new one on states that are controlled by the left.
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        • Posted by term2 6 days, 1 hour ago
          I think the scenario in AS is pretty much right on. We hav to just stop feeding the crooked state. This might mean hiding in a galts gulch either in this country or another. Fighting the leftists is to much work, and is pretty much destined to just waste out time while we are alive. Trump was the last straw to keep our country free of absolute leftist control. No one else is going to be strong enough to battle the left like he did.
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      • Posted by minesayn 5 days, 23 hours ago
        I work part-time for the local board of elections in my county (in Ohio), and have done so since the 2016 election. All ballot envelopes and other election-related mail is kept for a minimum of 90 days, and the ballots themselves for even longer (3 years, I believe it is). They are NOT tossed away. Everything like the ballot request form, the ballot envelope is checked and double checked for accuracy by bipartisan staff. If there is any doubt with ID information, signature, the voter is sent extra verification requests. Signature doesn't match or ID information is incorrect, it is set aside until verification from the voter is obtained. I cannot speak for other states, but I can only speak for what Ohio does in regards to elections. Our elections are run by the Secretary of State's office, and he is a Republican. We have bipartisan staff (half Republican, half Democrat), and even the part-time employees are hired based on bipartisanship. There is never a time when there is only one party in the office.

        I will say that during in-person voting, the biggest mistake that caused a voter to have to spoil their ballot (and get a new ballot) was to cast votes for two presidential candidates. Not only would a voter vote for one of the major party candidates, but then write in the candidates' names. With our voting machines, it would flag that race as an over-vote, and then the voter could choose to get another ballot or cast it as is. Almost everyone chose to get another ballot, after spoiling the first. This happened frequently to both parties, both those who voted for Trump and those who voted for Biden. I have to say that those who got an absentee ballot mailed to them could have done the same thing, but wouldn't have been caught like the in-person voters.
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        • Posted by term2 5 days, 22 hours ago
          and then there is Nevada. No checking for signatures on mail in ballots at all. No ID required of any kind. I think this sort of thing makes people (like me) not trust that the election results are correct and that I should trust them. As a result of THIS election and whats come up, I dont trust the election at all and think that it should be repeated without the mail in ballots, or I will not accept it.
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          • Posted by minesayn 5 days, 3 hours ago
            term2, I can't speak for Nevada; I can only speak about Ohio's voting process?
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            • Posted by term2 5 days, 2 hours ago
              yeah. Our leftist governor here is forever ruining las vegas. He wants to reset everything, and he is doing it
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              • Posted by minesayn 5 days, 1 hour ago
                So, you'd like to have a do-over election for Nevda, term2? Would you be willing to work the long hours at a polling location/precinct?
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                • Posted by term2 3 days, 3 hours ago
                  actually yes. I would like to think that elections in our country were at least done fairly. Currently, I am not sure I can continue to feel America is a good country worthy of my support
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                  • Posted by minesayn 2 days, 16 hours ago
                    Actually yes to working the polls as well as a do-over election?
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                    • Posted by term2 2 days, 15 hours ago
                      Yes. A do over election could restore our trust in the system
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                      • Posted by minesayn 1 day, 16 hours ago
                        As would working the polls, but I gather you wouldn't be willing to take a day or two participating in our democracy working at the polls?

                        In my state, we received three or four different absentee ballot request forms sponsored by the Trump campaign. Most had an optional question at the bottom where the voter's signature was. That question: would you be willing to work the polls? Yes or no? Do you know how many actually answered yes to that question that I saw? Not a one! On other absentee request forms like the one sent out to all registered voters by the Secretary of State, people frequently answered yes to the question. Just something I noticed while processing the mail every day.
                        The other thing I noticed is that many of these forms were duplicate requests for a ballot (sometimes as many as four extra requests).. I don't know if these voters thought that they would get a ballot for each one they sent in, if it was way to gum up the system, or if it was paranoia on their part. The reality: these forms still had to be processed and stored in a duplicate request file (not tossed/thrown away), and the voter received only one ballot.
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                        • Posted by term2 1 day, 4 hours ago
                          In Nevada, I think poll workers actually got paid, and no checking was done. this is the worst state I have lived in (not that many actually) when it comes to corruption. Our governor is a joke

                          I would work the polls in an attempt to keep them on the up and up. I always assumed they were on the up and up until THIS election. Now I have lost trust in our elections.
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                          • Posted by minesayn 22 hours, 51 minutes ago
                            Our poll workers get paid for training and the day of the election. Thanks for even considering working. So many people are not, yet they want fair, free, honest elections.

                            I am sorry your state is corrupt. While Ohio is gerrymandered so that the congressional seats will never change hands, the electorate have voted TWICE for a more fair drawing of congressional lines. The state's representatives keep putting it off, blaming the delay on the census. The first vote was in 2014 and the second in 2017, and both times it passed. When I I asked my local (Ohio representative to the state) about why it had not been acted upon, he condescendingly asked me if I knew what Gerrymandering was. Not only did I know and told him that I understood the term (and explained it to him and mentioned that not only did I know, but that I had learned it in school), but I decided that I would never vote for him again.
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  • Posted by DrZarkov99 6 days ago
    Ironically, the Dominion software handbook tells the user that it is possible for the software to make a mistake in logic and misfile ballot counts when the input is large, and that the recommended solution is to invalidate the election and call for a new round of voting with more controlled rate of input.
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    • Posted by mccannon01 5 days, 21 hours ago
      Wow! That's a serious "glitch" in any kind of system. If those problems came up in some of the systems I've worked with, then big bucks get flushed down the drain or people get killed and the final results is the programmers would get fired!
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  • Posted by Rex_Little 6 days, 3 hours ago
    Meanwhile, whenever a TV reporter--reporter, not commentator!--mentions Trump's fraud claims, she labels them "false", as if it was a proven fact.
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  • Posted by $ Olduglycarl 5 days, 20 hours ago
    Here is one I just read where during the recount in Georgia, a women called out biden votes when the ballots were for Trump...a republican watcher reported it, but didn't get satisfaction...now what?
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    • Posted by JohnWesley 5 days, 18 hours ago
      Yes, and there are eye witness reports of ballots being marked for Biden, in the lower levels of State Farm Arena, during the time the counting was stopped because of the water main (?) break.
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      • Posted by $ Olduglycarl 5 days, 18 hours ago
        I just read another one from Epoch Times where they found a stack of ballots marked 10K something votes for biden and 13 for trump. Upon recount, it turns out it was 1K something for biden and 13 for trump...deduct 9K something from biden...puts Trump ahead by my count.
        Not counting the 2600 here, another 800 there, etc no less.
        Last I saw, Trump was up to within 3000 to biden...the miss marked ballots alone gives him the win.
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  • Posted by $ blarman 6 days, 3 hours ago
    Just a note, but having turnout exceeding registered voters is usually the result of a population which prefers to vote in the General Elections but not the Primaries - it's not necessarily an automatic red flag. It should be compared against the number of voting-age citizens for a better comparison. (Typical numbers show only 2/3 participation in voluntary elections.) We should be very suspicious if the number of votes cast exceeds 90% of the eligible citizens.

    Another major factor which can lead to this is the ease of voting using same-day registration - which can be problematic depending on the precautionary measures taken.

    In my perfect world all voting would be done in person at the polls showing valid ID. One could apply for a waiver and vote via mail-in ballot only if someone will validate the need (such as getting doctor's note or hospice OK) and will certify both the application for the mail-in ballot AND the ballot itself. This certification would be similar to the process used by a notary public where the witness is legally liable for certifying false information.

    Also, any vote tabulation systems must be 100% owned and operated in the United States of America. No exceptions. All automated systems must be certified and audited PRIOR to the elections by at least two independent auditors selected by two different political parties. Once the devices have been certified, there are no changes allowed to the devices until after the elections have been certified.

    Ideally, every tabulation system would generate a voting receipt the voter can use to verify their vote was tabulated correctly (along with a formal process for disputation).

    All vote tabulation results are the responsibility of the respective Secretaries of State of each respective State pursuant to State legislative dictates. Now regarding the tabulation and reporting itself, I'd like to see the following procedural changes/clarifications applied across all the 50 States for National elections, ie elections of State representatives to the United States Senate or United States House of Representatives or President/Vice-President of the United States:

    1) The respective Secretaries of State shall give regular and uniform updates (every hour) to each respective candidate regarding the progress of the vote counting and intermediary results with all candidates receiving the same information at the same time. Only a Secretary of State acting in one's official capacity may report polling or other voting information (eliminate exit polling) and States are free to dictate the content of the information disseminated and whether or not the same information reported to the candidates is also to be made available to the Press. When the Secretary of State certifies the results, they also declare the winners. (The media is not allowed to "call" an election in favor of one candidate or another.)

    2) Challenges to results should be lodged with the Secretary of State by the individual candidates and all such challenges must be resolved before a certification may be issued. Legal restrictions as to timing, content, etc. shall be set forth by State Legislatures and adjudicated first in State courts with appellate authority going directly to the Supreme Court of the United States.

    3) Whereas the Electoral College has the Constitutional responsibility to elect the President of the United States, only the actual vote of the Electoral College shall be considered authoritative in respect to electing the President of the United States. (This is the single exception to the certification of results above.) With respect to the election of the President and Vice President of the United States, certification by the Secretary of State should be a formal report to their respective State Legislature who then appoints Electoral College voters in accordance with State laws regarding such selection and in accordance with certified election results.
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  • Posted by term2 6 days, 3 hours ago
    Is there any way to declare the current election simply invalid, and schedule a NEW one without mail in ballots?
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    • Posted by 6 days, 2 hours ago
      Good question. I don't see that as a realistic possibility, and I don't know how it would be implemented under the Constitution's limited government.
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      • Posted by term2 6 days, 1 hour ago
        I think that to keep this election as the valid one makes the whole process permanently crooked. I probably wont even vote in the future because my vote isnt taken seriously. The leftists might as well just install anyone they want, as I have given up thinking of the USA as the bastion of freedom. I am ready for a civil war. Lets get it over with.
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        • Posted by 6 days ago
          I agree, term. I had given up on voting after '88 until 2016. If the media driven unfair election of Buy-dem stands I will only vote with my (greatly reduced) purchases and my feet.
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          • Posted by term2 6 days ago
            I can only give AR tremendous credit for seeing how all this goes. She thought, incorrectly though, that enough people would understand her novel sufficiently to prevent it from becoming a documentary.
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    • Posted by JohnWesley 5 days, 21 hours ago
      Your first line? Turn out exceeding registered voters is absolutely a "red flag" event. You MUST be registered for your vote to be counted. Several states and almost 400 counties, at this count, had more votes than registered voters. This was an illegal election. Biden did not win.
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  • Posted by minesayn 5 days, 16 hours ago
    For those of you who think that there should another election AND only in person, are you willing to work the polls? In my state, the polls are open from 6:30AM to 7:30PM and the poll workers have to get there about 6:00AM to get the precinct up and running and can not leave until the polls close. Anyone in line at 7:30PM gets to vote, no matter how long it takes and then the polls have to be closed and the results for each precinct posted on the door and two people, one R and one D, have to return the ballots and the other election materials back to the office at the Board of Elections. All in all, it is minimally a 14 hour day for the poll workers.

    Again, are you willing to work the polls on election day?
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    • Posted by 25n56il4 5 days, 15 hours ago
      Did so for many years in Texas, my friend. Enjoyed every minute of it.
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      • Posted by minesayn 5 days, 3 hours ago
        Me, too. Started in 2014 and have worked the polls since then. I am now in "charge" over 13 precincts, which means traveling to each and every one of those precincts throughout the day to make sure no one is without supplies or had issues. Only two little issues of note: one was a jammed ballot box, which wouldn't have jammed had my VLM (voter location manager) not tried to use the damaged the ballot. This was AFTER I specifically told him to have the voter spoil the ballot and get a replacement. I told him 3 times that the ballot wouldn't be accepted as it was. He thought he knew more than me. Once I got the ballot box un-jammed, the new ballot scanned perfectly. The second issue was telling two candidates that they were inside of the 100 feet limit passing out materials to voters entering the building where voting taking place. They knew better but did it any way until I told them otherwise. They backed off, but not happily. The other little issues were routine.

        But, again I ask, would you be willing to work the polls on election day? Or 25n56il4, did you work them on 11-3-2020?
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    • Posted by 5 days, 3 hours ago
      You spend money and get as many unbiased people as you need to assure a fair election. Elections and FREEDOM are not free.
      Yes, I'd put in a 9 hour shift as many days as it takes. I'm not stupid enough to promise a 14 hour day. We've had 15 days wasted so far. A few more days assuring that only valid votes are counted fairly is not too much to ask. Just shut down the media for those days (ha-ha-ha.)
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      • Posted by minesayn 5 days, 2 hours ago
        freedomforall--I can only speak about Ohio's way of running the polls. The Board of Elections (BOE) pay the poll workers for their work on election day as well as training times. An election day is 14 hours long and you can't leave during this time. They do not have split shifts. There are four jobs: a signature judge who checks IDs and signature, the voter location manager who oversees the precinct (in charge) and contacts the office in regards to provisional ballots, the ballot judge, who hands out the correct ballot to the voter (some precincts have split districts so there are multiple ballots within a precinct), and a clerk who makes sure that the voter puts their ballot into the ballot box. Half of these people are Democrats and the other half are Republicans. Who is in charge (VLM) depends on how the precinct voted in the last gubernatorial election. If the Democratic ticket won in a particular precinct, then it is a Democrat who mans the VLM spot; if the Republican ticket won in a particular precinct, then one of the Republicans would be the VLM and in charge of the precinct. Every four years, a precinct could 'flip' based on the vote, but it is always evenly balanced between R and D so that there is equal representation at all precincts.

        The early voting staff also are equally represented, and in this election, there were shorter days of works( 6-8 hours), but most days, we ended up with voters standing in line well after the close of the day. Since they were in line at the cutoff time, they got to vote. With Covid restrictions, almost every voter stood in line because the BOE was limited to number of people voting at any one time. That created lines.

        The fact that you are not willing to (or not stupid enough as you put it), then are you willing to accept that BOE are doing everything they can to assure a free and fair election?
        That IS one of the main reasons that I have been putting in long hours prior to the election AND working the polls as a precinct support person for 14-15 or more hours to make sure my assigned precincts run their precincts correctly, have the materials they need, and help out where necessary.

        I have worked in the precincts since 2014, and I have worked in the BOE office since 2016 during the weeks leading up to every election, primary, special, and general election. I am not full-time, but I have worked there long enough that I know what goes on and to have seen the bipartisanship up close and firsthand. I know all the safeguards that are in place to assure a fair and free election process. Safeguards like validating that the ballot box scanners record the votes correctly and the double checking of everyone's work to make sure that the correct ballot gets into the hands of the voter.
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        • Posted by 5 days, 1 hour ago
          Minesayn, thank for providing the details of the balloting in your locale.
          With all respect for your work, minesayn, and for the safeguards in Ohio, no, the fact that I am not stupid enough to volunteer for a 14 hour day does NOT in any way mean that I accept the BOE allowing any election process to be in error.
          I don't accept lack of planning (nor do I accept corruption) by any government. Not anticipating long lines and preparing for a 2nd shift is to guarantee errors and lower performance on the tasks.
          If we want a fair election we have to spend money, and although you may have adequate provisions to prevent corrupted results in your locale, it's becoming clear that some locales do not have such safeguards, and some do not want them.
          I do appreciate the work you have done there.
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