Biden's Plans For Small Business

Posted by $ allosaur 3 years, 7 months ago to Politics
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From the article IMO this bit better written by me--tee hee!
"Simply put, the full Biden tax plan, if fully implemented, has the potential to bury small business."
When Kommie Kamala replaces the Sleepy Old Relic, me dino doubts she won't change a thing save making the plan much worse.
SOURCE URL: https://amac.us/joe-bidens-plans-for-americas-small-businesses/?campaign=daily-news-email

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  • Posted by freedomforall 3 years, 7 months ago
    Comments on Biden's plans (including taxes):

    Wasting taxpayers money on a failed technology - electric cars - will not improve anything (except temporarily for Elon.) Almost no one can afford the vehicles and they will be a minor part of the fleet unless there are undefined, unknown, unpredictable tech advances in electric generation and batteries. Those technologies are unlikely to be effective for 10+ years.

    Destroying the jobs of the mining and drilling industries and forcing energy prices much higher as a result will be a much greater effect on the economy than the supposed "capital" programs that Buy-den claims will benefit the economy. Buy-den has provided no proof that any such benefits will happen, merely speculation.

    One effect of higher taxes is that the spending of the taxpayers will be curtailed and that will cause more unemployment, which is not mentioned in any analysis of Biden's plans. Corporate taxes are not paid for by corporations; customers pay them in higher prices which reduces customers' purchasing and increases unemployment. Higher unemployment then further reduces purchases and lowers tax revenues.

    Meanwhile government spending and borrowing reduce capital available for private businesses and that reduces job growth and investments in new technologies - like the ones that might someday improve electric vehicles to the extent that ordinary people can afford them. Buy-den's plans to gradually phase out hydrocarbon fuel energy will mean that most ordinary people will no longer be able to buy private vehicles at all. Buy-den's forecasts do not account for that massive loss of productivity and loss of employment. Neither does Buy-den correctly account for the job losses caused by a $15 minimum wage. The choice for small businesses will be to either lay off employees it can't afford or go out of business; both cause higher unemployment and lower tax revenues.

    Neither has Buy-den accounted for the coming decline in commercial real estate as a result of work from home effect on office space, bankruptcies of chain stores on mall space, and closing of a million or more small businesses due to government COVID meddling and Buy-den's higher taxes on small businesses.

    How about the stock market decline coming due to higher tax rates forcing sales?

    Buy-den's plans are an unmitigated economic disaster.
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  • Posted by $ BobCat 3 years, 7 months ago
    Small Businesses simply can not and do not survive under any socialistic regime.
    High taxes, corruption, and political regulations will eliminate all "Non appproved-by-the-party businesses.
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    • Posted by $ blarman 3 years, 7 months ago
      That is by design. Large corporations can be effectively controlled either by their complicity in burying their opponents (and the resulting blackmail) or by targeted legislation (both examples from Atlas Shrugged). Small companies - especially the proverbial "mom & pop shops" - are much harder to control individually because of by its very nature tyranny is lazy. It takes resources to target a given company and (surprising, I know) there still has been no way to eliminate the principle of cost/benefit analysis.

      The larger problem is that 2/3 of the economy resides in small business. To destroy them would be to destroy the economic base. Not that these elitists care...
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  • Posted by Ben_C 3 years, 7 months ago
    Will copy and paste the AMAC article and send it to my accountant. What the dimwits in Congress who have never owned a business don't understand is that taxes are a line item expense. I pass this cost on to my customers. Regulations are another matter and that is what I fear the most. I for see a vicious round of inflation as we experienced in the 1970's. That was ugly.
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  • Posted by DrZarkov99 3 years, 7 months ago
    The goals sound good, on the surface, as all such Utopian schemes do, but rushing to implement them is always what destroys a nation that follows this route.

    The aggravating part is that technology advances always favor efficiency, and if people exercised a little patience, many of the things they wish for will come when everything is able to work together effectively. If electric vehicles reach the desired goals (high capacity energy storage, fast recharge, superefficient energy conversion, cost competitive) they will become the default mode of transportation, without anyone pushing or subsidizing them. That's just one example. We appear to be on the verge of room temperature superconductors, which would support the ability of the nation's energy grid to carry much more generated power. Safe, efficient modular nuclear power stations are being produced, and could provide the electric power that renewable, erratic sources can't.

    Social meddling never works as intended. Wealth redistribution does nothing to increase the overall affluence of a society, and in fact discourages initiative. However, when the overall affluence of a society increases, all levels of society benefit. That can only happen in a free market civilization, and if anything, we need less government interference in trade than more.

    Genetic engineering could greatly improve the overall health of our nation, but the collusion between big pharmaceutical companies and the government prevents that. There are no studies of what genetic advantages give some people unusually strong immune systems. I'm one of those, and have been told the research firms on aging aren't interested, because their backers are looking for a chemical fountain of youth they can sell, rather than a universal genetic "cure" that would greatly reduce the need for medications.
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  • Posted by Owlsrayne 3 years, 7 months ago
    As far as I'm concerned JB has no plans other what the Radical Dems tell him what the plan is. Their technology plans are fraught with multiple problems.They only know about the temporary success of Tesla cars. My current experience owning a Nissan Leaf is one example how a major car manufacturer has no concern who owns their electric vehicles. Nissan USA view that older Leafs are throw away cars. Even if the battery pack is under warranty they stated through email to me that they leave up to the their dealerships. In my case the only one in my state is two hundred plus miles away. I tried to open a case with Nissan, their reply again was bring it to the nearest dealer at my expense.
    Wind turbines is very expensive to maintain. My brother is a consulting engineer in designing hydraulic test facility for the turbine blades. The blades have to be tested after a specific running time.
    I was a little surprised during the last debate that Trump didn't questioned JB whats happens at night running electricity in homes across the USA. The Radical Dems have plans for taking away firearms and that's about it.
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