The BIDEN CRIME FAMILY'S Payoff Scheme - Analysis by Rudy Giuliani

Posted by freedomforall 6 months ago to Politics
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In this special edition of Common Sense, Rudy Giuliani discusses the emails obtained from Hunter Biden’s hard drive which reveal Joe Biden lied about Burisma. This is only the tip of the iceberg, much more to come!

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  • Posted by 6 months ago
    Thanks to Lucky for posting links that led me to this video.
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    • Posted by Lucky 6 months ago
      Linked from joannenova I think.

      It has some good stories that can be tracked and verified by other sources.
      The one that struck me was-

      What happened:
      Jihadist Terrorist Beheads a French Schoolteacher on the Street;
      But NYT headline says-
      "French Police Shoot and Kill Man After Fatal Knife Attack"

      I tracked it thru to the Le Figaro link. Found with some assistance from FrenglyTranslator that all matched, and note the recent date! October 16, 2020

      Worth noting, Twitter had no problem with the post by the murderer showing a photo of him demonstrating the severed head. (I did not check that).
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