Dept of Just-US to file Antitrust Suit Against Google per WSJ (NOT Related To Censorship of Conservatives)

Posted by freedomforall 4 months, 1 week ago to Business
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he case against Google will be the first major DoJ antitrust lawsuit to take on big tech since the DoJ sued Microsoft in the late 1990s, a suit that began during the year that Google was founded in a garage in the Bay Area.

According to details of the suit leaked to WSJ - details that have been previously outlined during leaks about the investigation when that was still ongoing - Google is being accused of maintaining its status as 'gatekeeper to the internet' via an unlawful web of exclusionary and interlocking deals that effectively shut out competitors. These deals include all the money Google pays to phone manufacturers, carriers and makers of browsers like Apple's Safari to ensure that Google's search engine is pre-set as the default on millions of smartphones, even those produced by competitors like Apple. DoJ is also taking issue with Google's Android operating system, which preloads Google's search application in a way that it can't be deleted.

These revenue-sharing agreements have allowed Google to ensure that no search competitor can challenge its dominance. Google handles about 80% of all Internet searches executed in the US each year.

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  • Posted by $ Olduglycarl 4 months, 1 week ago
    True...the hamper and attack competition.
    True, THEY decide what true or not.
    Whole bunch of other truths we could find but "The Law" as passed by demos...made that possible; or should I say, that which greases their palms...made that possible.
    It's a brave/cowardly, new world.
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