Americans have been deceived about many things for the sake of political agendas. How many lies do they have to be told before they begin to wonder? Will we accept a life in the Matrix?

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"Public health authorities know that the Covid death rate is greatly exaggerated. Hospitals are economically incentivized to report all deaths as Covid deaths. The CDC itself let the cat out of the bag when it reported that among the 200,000 US Covid deaths, only 9,000 were due to Covid alone. All others had in addition to Covid 2.6 fatal comorbidities. See: Deaths are concentrated in an elderly population with comorbidities, and those infected, if they were and it wasn’t a false positive, could as easily have died from seasonal flu.

Perhaps without meaning to, the World Health Organization (WHO) seems to have confirmed that Covid is no more dangerous than flu:

So, why do public health authorities withhold this information from political authorities and the public, and why do reporters not ferret it out? The information exists. It just isn’t reported.

Public heath authorities also know that the number of Covid cases is vastly overstated, because the PCR test produces more false positives than correct positives. See:

An international group of lawyers has concluded based on evidence provided in expert testimony that the Covid Pandemic is an orchestration that has served powerful interests at the expense of the public’s health. See: The doctors acknowledge that Covid itself is real, but the pandemic that has been built around it is not.

It is possible that the courts are as corrupted as the media and democratic institutions, and that nothing will come of the lawyers’ efforts. Nevertheless, neither Americans nor other peoples need to cling to their gullibility and behave as sheep programmed by “authorities” who are serving every interest but public health.

As I have reported in previous columns, Covid is being used to serve many interests. "

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  • Posted by $ 25n56il4 1 week ago
    This Covid thing was dropped on us so suddenly and the solutions offered seemed reasonable at the time. Further investigation seems to indicate our leaders engaged in overkill.
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